May Declutter Goal -Clothes

May is a very busy time of year when it comes to the yard and gardens, and I want to work a lot on the tear down in terms of hours put into sorting, scrap(for money) recycle storage for future use on the farm (tin, wood etc) and trash, load it up and get it hauled out..

So the goal in may is a little easier to do so that I do not feel the same pressure on working though things in the house but will still feel that I am getting something done..

I am going to go though my clothes and put them on and wear them, and if I can’t stand them and take them off within a matter of minutes to hours, then I will get rid of it, ideally freshly washed and donated if in good shape, or possable cut up into rags if not.. hopefully I will not “trash” very much in this regards but still move a good amount of items.

Now maybe its just me but I expect its not.. I love really great sales and cloths are no different and most of the time I never regret getting things from certain places. In fact I can honestly say that it has saved me and my household thousands of dollars over the years.


So I know that I will keep that part of the program, the first one that we really need to work on is hubby’s, he normally sits around 210 to 220 but in the past year he has lost a great deal of weight and got as low as 155, we have gotten him up toward 160 and they (the doctors) would like him right around 165..

As you can imagine this has changed his clothing sizing and so we did get a new going out outfits, 5 pairs of new jeans (3 colors/patterns) new jean belt(as his other was way to big) 4 pairs of work or house wear pants, as his old ones were fall off him to big and 5 new T shirts/polo type shirts.. and one new nice go to town jacket..

What we need to do is go though his (not needed now for 14 months and onward) work cloths for the office, and sort out all the ones that no longer fit him and donate them onward to find new homes.

As for myself, I need to clear out the ones that do not fit me right, to tight in the arms, to short in the arms, etc etc.. you are not allowed to try on the 1 dollar clothing items at the big second hand shop so you do your best to eyeball everything but sometimes it just does not work out right.

While I will try and do it on rain days, the bottom line is want to sort though the closets and drawers in may.. wish me luck..

Ps, thanks Silver for the nudge on the cloths sorting.. your comment inspired me..

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4 Responses to May Declutter Goal -Clothes

  1. Silver says:

    Hey that’s ok, glad I could inspire! Your husband is looking very smart in his suit!

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