One year in..

Can you believe that its been one year since we first “offically” heard that we had our first case in canada? Regardless of your feelings on the subject, its very safe to say that pretty much no matter where you live, you have felt the effects.

So STOP.. right here.. if you want homesteading, livestock, recipes, garden and so on.. THIS IS NOT THAT POST.. This post is about turning that one year mark living a world that has c-19 and its effects.. Ok.. see you tomorrow or read on..

Maybe you are very lucky and no one you know has gotten sick or worse sick and died from it. (they say here in canada, that 50 percent of us now know someone who has gotten it, as of the poll done in the second week of jan 2021)

I know peaple that have been given the formal notice of having had it.. and I have had both friends with mild cases ( a couple days of feeling off, loss of smell or taste), I have had three that were very sick and one that is being called a long hauler..

I have had so many peaple that have never had it but have spent weeks in “waiting” for results, I have had friends that have had to have themselves or their children tested 2, 3 or 5 times waiting out those days for test results to come in.. missing days of work, the last couple months of 2020.. the words.. I have no sick days left and have to take unpaid days off while waiting was something I was seeing far to often.

However I have had much fewer friends that had elderly loved ones that have passed on.. Sadly I have had 5 friends have family members or in the one case.. the social garden friend that took their own lives in the past six months.

This was related to the what has been happening in regards to loss of job, struggles with what has happened in regards to lock downs, and so much more. While clearly there is many layers to this, it has been very hard indeed to see the pain these choices have left in the loved ones.

Sadly, I have also had two peaple who where “covid” medical side death, this at least in our province is now listed in the thousands, these are peaple who have health issues that did not get the normal medical care and therefor passed faster due to lack of treatments, being sent home and so on.. This was seen here in the hardest hit provinces in ontario and Quebec when they were keeping everything as closed as possable in the first wave push.. I am beyond grateful that this did not effect some of my loved ones in alberta that ws able to get their needed cancer and other medical care.

The past year has pushed a number of relationships and marriages in ways that have proven to much for those in them.. I have seen this go both ways, some marragies are even stronger for it, but sadly others are ending..

I have watch the K happen within my own friends and family across canada and N.A. and outward.. While some folks are working from home and have more funds in their accounts, others have been laid off, others have taken pay cuts, hour cuts, small business’s have been pushed to the brink and in some cases lost. Other small businesss are booming and tell me that they have had their best year to date..

Across Canada at least we are seeing such a uneven spread of the pain in many ways but the ripples are never ending.. and I regret to say that many of the ripples will be felt this year in 2021 as they were softened by CERB and other programs that helped keep a number of peaple afloat in 2020..

We are all feeling the increase in pricing, with the reduction of availablity, I guess its possable that the .001 percent are not but I am pretty darn sure everyone from the low income to the middle to the higher are all feeling it.

The low interest rates are a double edged sword.. in some way its pushing bubbles, I mean honestly the housing bubble in my own area is going to “pop” the average house price has increased a min of a 100,000 int he past year..

It means that the other increases are being hidden a bit more but they are so there.. I guess I have to at least touch on the vaccine.. I know one person a PSW at a retirement home that now has her two shots done.. that’s it.. I guess by the end of year two, I will know more..

Its a very touchy subject to say the least and I know 8 peaple so far that have been offered and at this time declined.. (yes they all also work in health care) I know that others in their places of work have said yes..

I have had a few folks that have come to me in the past couple weeks to have a phone or video chat in regards to the coming year in 2021.. I will share the advice I gave them.. yes the varients will be a factor here.. no it will not evenly felt the K will be in full force

But we are not walking in blind, there should be NO one with their head on their shoulders saying.. o.. just a few weeks.. o this is the last lock down, o, the kids will be back to school in person by next week.. Life will be normal by sept 2021..

However there is NO POINT in have a AHHH moment ( yes you are allowed them.. of course you are, I had one myself on sunday.. it was a total blargh day for me) but as I said to my friends and family..

Keep on doing what you are doing.. take the lessions learned in the past year.. and put them actively in place this year and repeat..

I know, I know.. its not that easy for some.. I get it.. if you have been living on reduced income.. things will need to be figured out.. if you are part of the what they are calling the “she-cession” were we are seeing huge numbers of women under employed or even leaving the workforce to raise their kiddo’s at home, or home schooling and so forth.. I get it.. I do..

However, at this point, you should be looking as a unit/family/couple/support group at getting together and working monthly or quarterly and sorting out what you need to do next for the coming year..

Be flexable.. Be willing to think outside the box!

This one is really hard to hear..

we have had 20 or 30 years and whole generations of “you can be whoever you want to be” and “live your passions” focus on your “happiness first”

We need to ourselves have permisson to say..

Its hard

I am unhappy

I am not where I want to be

I have lost… I mourn… I am hurt.. I am angry..

I need help with this, I do not have this, I need to learn how to do this..

I need to make do..

and still get up every single day and slog it.. one foot in front of the other.. we need to reach down and grasp that we must live for the small things, the small moments and that its just going to be HARD..

2020 was one huge “WTF” learning curve.. and its done.. the future.. the future will have so many moments of beauty, moments of caring, moments of laughter.. but those will between plain old hardship.

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7 Responses to One year in..

  1. Silver says:

    Thank you for this and thank you for a new word, she-cession – It hadn’t occurred to me, but if you think about it, of course it does. I can imagine more women will now seriously weigh up the pros and cons of going to work or staying home with the children.
    In my experience, women get judged either way unfortunately. Oh you want a life outside the home, how selfish, abandoning your children! Oh you are a stay-at-home-mom? Well you must be soaking up benefits then you scrounger, that hardworking people are paying in through their taxes!
    *le sigh*

  2. valbjerke says:

    I think 2021 is going to be a handful. People are tired of following the rules, tired of having to pay attention. Thinking the vaccine is going ‘fix’ everything.

    I’m weary I think. Those of us that have been keeping our noses to the grind stone – and managing just fine – I think are tired of managing. Not spending money just in case. I’m finding just heading to town once every couple weeks is a chore. Mask on mask off mask on mask off…..sanitize sanitize. Tired of trying to anticipate the next shortage of whatever I might need this year. Trying to be thankful. Some days I feel like kicking something instead.
    This year we have decided not to do pigs. Nearest place to buy barley is a twelve hour trip. None to be had here. I refuse to buy hog grower, never have. The farmers here have been driving to Alberta to get it.
    Our date at the slaughterhouse has been put on hold- the owner had a piece of machinery fall on him, broke both hips. His wife broke her hand. The son had to get neck surgery. You would totally get how much work it is to do your own pigs – cut, wrap, cure, smoke, render…..
    I simply don’t have it in me this year to go back to that. I ‘think’ if feed were available I might consider it.
    But then how much more work do I need? I’m already going to be married to the stove when the cows start milking…..gardening to do……meat birds….bees.
    Now that we’re all a year into this, I’m definitely starting to feel the strain – but I know I need to just get used to it.

    • O ValB I hear you on this one.. I really do.. I hit that wall of “kick it” this past weekend when I watch the UK covid varient hit a nusing home in my province.. 160 plus of the elderly all effected, (at that time 29 died, now close to 60 have died) over 60 staff infected and they took it home and close to 80 family members infected.. wildfire.. once the UK gets its foothold in my area and my province.. its going to be like a wildfire.. It was a very hard day for me. I just felt so tired in that moment.. I understand you on the pig, I have enough that I do not need to raise a pig this year and I am not going to.. I have always raised more meat then I need, and this year I am shifting focus.. I need to look at what we really need, eggs, milk, fruit, veggies, fresh greens year round. I can raise less lambs/have less sheep, which means I need less hay/bedding/grains.. I do not need as much chicken/duck, we could easily have just a little smaller portion.. I could and plan on controlling their timing hatching/raising better.. but also incrseasing some timings for use for feeding the big farm dogs.. I am so sorry to read about what happening to your butchers.. wow what a run bad luck they had.. I hope this slow down lets them get that much needed rest.. and yes I know how much work it is to do it yourself.. but if you come back and tell me you got a piglet.. I will understand as well…. This year I am doing lamb/sheep milk.. I have ordered a full beef from down the road, meat chickens and duck.. plus wild game of course. Given what we have.. that is lots..

      • valbjerke says:

        Your plan sounds very sensible. When it comes to food I tend to have a bit of a hoarder mentality – truly we have more meat than we can eat. But old habits die hard. I too need to put my thinking cap on again and figure out the fresh vegetables year round project….I’ve an entire freezer full of frozen but it’s not the same. And as much work as it is – I’m looking forward to tackling the great cheese project again. The price of cheese is obscene these days. I need to be making more of the aged varieties- we ran out between freshenings. I’m also having trouble creating an environment that hard cheese needs to age.
        The pig thing is for sure a conundrum- normally they get all the whey. I might be making a whole lotta gjetost this year 😊

      • O I understand that as well.. I have to have x amount of extra put up in order to feel ok with things.. I know its a hang up from not having enough at times in my past.. but knwing it does not change the need.. and its been a very good and useful thing a number of times over the years.

    • ps, It is mentally draining to be looking ahead while trying to balance the now.. and you are right.. at times we have to lift our heads and breath.. we just have to .. we can not keep the nose ot the grinder at all times.. And now we all remember why that socal was so important.. why everyone dressed up for the dance, for the card night, for the potluck..

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