Lockdown Mondays


I have to admit that I strangely have enjoyed reading weekly posts from Silver and a few others in regards to their week in regards to how C-19 and their local area/country/world is being effected.

I think that paort of the reason I like it is because i get to see and read about how its effecting differently depending on where you are at and how you live effects it. So After having a good think on this, I have decided that I am going to do lockdown monday’s for 2021. I do not know if it will be every monday or just the first monday of the month.

I am going to stay away from the politial points of this and focus on how its effecting our life here on the farm.. I did say that I would be digging down into the daily life and after spending some time thinking about it.. this is a huge part of my daily life right now I have to find a way to bring it in without it being the overall focus.

I will say that I do not think that “vaccines” are going to magically going to be rolled out and that we will be near normal by fall of 2021, I expect that we are going to find out that 2021 is going to be different but just as hard as 2020 in its own way, but much of the anger/frustrations seen in different ways in 2020 are going to spread in a different way and with different focus’s in 2021.

No point in sugar coating it, i personally feel that the economic outlook overall is going to continue to be effected and I will be focused on the farm, and on many things we are doing to work around different things.

So Unlike the pretty bird above, we certainly have not been able to fly away (haha, I could not resist the in joke for the Canadian readers! )


in regards to our first couple days of 2021, its been quiet, we have been on holidays, hubby had taken 10 days off over christmas and it was so nice, we shifted our days into max flex as much as we could possabily do so given 2x farm chores and limited daylight hours.


In other words we did slow down, to sleep in, to spend time outside in winter gear, to feel the bite of winter in our cheeks, to take twice daily walks with the dogs.. Daily training with the horse’s. Puttering in the house, long slow stews, pans of hot cabbage rolls, mustard glazed hams.

We had one fast driveway visit when we were able to give a helping hand to friends of ours, they called early on saturday morning and went.. can you help? and we could and had what they needed both in materials and skill/knowledge and so they drove over to do the pick up. It was nice to see them even with the distance we kept between ourselves.

Driveway visiting has become the norm in a big way for the local farmers around here, we all stand back X feet and conduct our business in this way.. In the summer we would do yard visits that were longer but right now the driveway visits are the gold standard.

I also had a short road visit from a local and friend who was driving by in his side by side while I was out with Bojangles on the road.. its was short but nice to visit as well.. he was on the tway to work down the way where is clearly bush with his hi-ho.

I thought I would have a harder time and i did miss my friends that I normally would have gotten together with but I just shook my head and did a mind reset and then settled into it and enjoyed that time with my husband, my dogs, my horses..

I truly hope you were able to enjoy the past days and your new years.. Now we start the hard work of stepping up to face 2021..

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8 Responses to Lockdown Mondays

  1. I agree – 2021 is going to be hard work. No way around that.

    • Morning Crafty.. Sadly there seems to be a fairly large misunderstanding from what I can see on facebook and public chatter on the idea that.. hey its a new year and by fall we are all going to be just peachy.. I get that folks wanted and perhaps even needed that break mentally but its time to get real and see what is coming down the pipeline.. plan for what we can, while living in and enjoying the moment.

  2. valbjerke says:

    I think you are right about 2021 being pretty much the same…..I’m very much a ‘loner’ anyway – so I didn’t find much to miss in terms of people. I do miss my daughter tho – we usually manage a few visits a year. I’ve an elderly aunt in Comox who though she understands I can’t come see her – still reminds me each time I call her how lonely she’s been this year. And so on. Family I guess will continue to be the tough one to isolate from. I’ve one friend who is chomping at the bit to come learn to make cheese this year – but until things straighten out some and more vaccines get done, that won’t happen. On the flip side – I have no excuses not to tackle some projects around the farm 🙂

    • ValB, I find that very hard as well, I miss hugging.. sigh.. I miss girls night out, I miss the 4H kiddo pack and game nights with my crazy friends.. I need to get my quiet time on the farm but I do like and enjoy time with my chosen friends. Family all lives so far away the only thing that really changed was that I had hoped to get out last summer to see my mom and get to spend some time getting to know my brothers girls as teens.. That didn’t happen and it won’t be happening this year either.. but agree fully on the tackle some projects for sure.

    • ps. you also have a valid point in regards to small bubbles or family bubbles in regards to vaccines.

  3. Silver says:

    Thank you very much, I’m gad it’s proven interesting/useful or both ^_^ I agree with you, it will not magically go away and we just have to keep going. Slow and steady wins the race. We have been told here in the UK that the whole country will enter a strict lockdown like we did in March because of this new variant. Schools, colleges and universities will move to online teaching from tomorrow and until the February half-term vacation. The plan is for the government to vaccinate everyone in the first four categories while the lockdown is in place.

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