If there was ever a time for a couple good dogs!

Farm Dogs.. Needed more now then ever..


My farm dogs over the past years (other then our old lab that moved to the farm with us) have all been on the smaller side, with the females ranging between 26 and 32 pounds and the boys on the high 30 pound range..

The last two older girls are retired into true house dogs and are coming 13 which leaves me with Dezzy..  my 28 pound 5 year old that is great in some ways and quirky in others.. (they are all right)


Just not big enough for what is all coming.. I had been planning on adding in a new pup.. but fate stepped in and we ended up with two amazing boys.. I do not recommend getting two pups this close in age even though not littermates.. its a lot of work to raise one pup.. never mind two..  but it can be done.

I had already planned on getting a larger dog with a much deep woof to help me with the coy-wolf pack and I wanted a natural born farm and guard type dog but one that would still bond tightly with his peaple..


Remmi ((catahoula) is just that.. he is 50 plus pounds at 6 months, is already everything I hoped for and more.. he should come in around 90? pounds full grown.. Adore him to bits!  Having said that.. he has already proven very good at backing peaple up and holding them down on the driveway and or off the deck..  he has some lovely clear different barks which I love that they are so easy to read..


His best buddy Uther is a labX and he is far more friendly! (its a breed thing) but he is a great chore dog and he is strong on the hunting and will make a solid retrieving bird dog.  He will not be as big.. He should come in around 65-70 pounds but it will be what it will be..

Its been a great choice to add these boys for so many reason.. for the longer terms plans given the state of the world and my own local area having a couple good working dogs with some size and woof to them.. a very good thing..

Adding in puppies at stressful time..  Perfect timing..  lots of training time,  with Dear Hubby home, it was MUCH easier to split them out.. you take this one.. I take this one..  but also starting the training as a unit..  lots of laughs and ah’s and resting baby hound face is crazy adorable! I mean.. REALLY FREAKIN adorable.

Its been such a good thing for the farm to be marked again by males and to watch the coy-wolves pack swing wide around the farm as Remmi shows me where they are at by aiming is very strong nose work and hair comes up his back line by 4 or more inches and WOOFF WOOFF  comes out..

While I know that it means more barking is coming from my farm.. that is also not a bad thing. local’s have said.. new dogs.. big!.. hmmm.. word will spread.. so much theft has been reported in my local area..

Now I know that in our province and our country there has been a crazy price hike and increase in peaple getting dogs and puppies because they are home now. the local shelters are empty, the rescues are bringing in northern or Reserve dogs and puppies by the shipments of 50 or more and they are gone as soon as they go up for sale (call it adoption if you want but when you charge 450 to 800) its a sale..

I was lucky, I got Remmi from a awesome breeder, I had been following the breeder for around 9 years now.. almost got a pup from her 3 years ago.. but it was just not the right timing and had put myself on the waiting list for the breeding that Remmi came from within minutes of her annoucing it..   It was a very reasonable sale price..  right on target for a well bred pup.

Uther was gifted to us by Dear Hubbies Cousin.. (thank you) and the deal is that they get to visit him and watch him grow up.. Covid has put a damper on the visiting but I truly hope for 12 to 14 years so lots of updates, and visiting to come in years ahead.

I expect that we will only have Marie and Paris for another winter or two.. and then we will be down to our pack of 3.. but at the moment, I am enjoy them all each day.. and i can honestly say I have never had a easier time on housebreaking or teaching cueing for bathroom/door

Got to love a clean pup..  (while we do our part, a huge thank you goes to those that raised them)

While I wish the best for all the peaple that got new puppies, I expect that dog trainers will be very busy over the next year or two and that if and when you need to leave your teenage or 3 year old dog at home if you need to go back to the office that we will see a flood of them coming into rescue..

So Farmgal’s helpful tip of the day..  Raise your new pup to learn to be left at home, learn to crate, learn to go truck and go crate in truck..  yes love them.. yes train them, take them to town and walk them around.. train in the park, train on the road.. try and see if you can train with a couple friends at distance with masks if needed but do everything you can to help create well adjusted Canines.

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8 Responses to If there was ever a time for a couple good dogs!

  1. Cate Mawson says:

    HI Farm Gal
    Congrats on your 10 year blog anniversary!
    Your new additions to the family are awesome. I’ve met Uther and look forward to meeting Remmi. πŸ™‚
    My question – we are going to be taking care of a 4-year old β€œcity” mixed-hound dog for 7 months. He has never been off-leash … he tends to run after little critters! He has had at least 3 owners in the past.
    Do you have any suggestions on training him so that we can have him off-leash, when appropriate?

    • Hi Cate, start him off with a six foot leash attached to your belt just like you would a puppy that has no training.. in house, out of house, you move, the dog moves.. all corrections and rewards are within your person or person’s circle.. work that come and look at me ever chance you get, start with small food rewards.. have him eat his whole meal as rewards though the day.. then moving to a safe area.. in house, then deck, then ? and call back and forth between peaple.. drill that come into his head.. play the find X and they X calls come.. start small and work up to speed first, then start mixing up distance.. then and only then can you consider moving your outside line to 8 feet, work it all again.. then work that come back and forth with leash tossed between peaple outside.. then dragged so that if needed one person can run forward and step on it fast to stop a run away.. While you are wori working that being with you is the place to be and that come.. also work Leave it.. when it comes to small critters and so on.. LEAVE it is key.. I mean they need to be dogs.. they should smell, and notice and show you.. hey did you see that small prey.. want to hunt is total normal and healthy.. but if you are pack leader, you get to say.. hmmm.. nope.. we not hunt that today.. LEAVE IT.. Once you get those started.. let me know and where the going well is and where the help needed and we will touch base again.. Ps.. congrats on your foster..

      • Cate Mawson says:

        Thanks Farm Gal πŸ™‚ I will give it a try. He arrives on Nov 16.
        I do love the protection of having a dog on the homestead ….. in our case with Zoey, her bark was way more fearful than her bite … she never bit anything πŸ™‚
        Your 2 boys are a wonderful addition to your farm πŸ™‚

  2. Amberlin says:

    Great read, thanks for posting about this! We live up in Northern Alberta, Canada, and have been breeding farm dogs for a number of years now and realize, just like you mentioned, now is a very important time to have big, protective and faithful dog(s) to guard your home. Theft is rampant and will only increase, but when you have a good dog, they’ll think twice!

    • I agree, there are times I am out on the farm by myself and knowing I have a good well trained dog with me is a huge help. What breed or blend of breeds do you raise? and Wave’s hi from a 3rd gen alberta born and breed girl myself.. all my family is still pretty much in alberta at this time.. Ps.. love your blog and website.. I tagged it to see your new posts and such.. that goat jacket is outstanding, I have done a beef hide myself and that is so much work!

      • Amberlin says:

        No way! how cool is that?! Thanks for the reply! We have a guardian/livestock mix. Our females are Anatolian Shepherd and Kuvasz, and her daughter from a St. Bernard, Gr. Pyrenees. We’ve bred both mother and daughter to a lab, and now recently to a purebred Kangal. They are the best dogs we’ve ever had, and the reviews of their puppies have been exceptional as we’ve kept in contact with their owners over the years. We have some pups being born end of the month and are so excited! Thanks for checking out and tagging our website, we appreciate it. We also have a YT channel if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt8hOm6iSGqNjikAVWU6D6A
        Yes, tanning is a lot of work and we do a lot of it. It’s good to know someone else who appreciates the time and effort that goes into it!

  3. Silver says:

    Remmi and Uther are both beautiful doggos, they will serve you well ^_^

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