O the tangled webs we weave

It started to rain yesterday and down it came. The wind came next and with it came tree’s coming down and lots and lots of thousands without power all over my area.

As I checked on a couple different things in regards getting prepared for a power outage, it got me thinking about the weekend plans for a bit of butchering

I got to thinking about freezer and the difference between doing it by hand vs doing it with power items for certain things

As I moved though out my day.. I was reminded again and again at how interconnected everything is on the farm.. In my general life.. just like the spider web lines lead to lines and they lead somewhere else.

I am having a thoughtful day.. so I will pass the same thought on to you.. Take a walk, go about your day and really take the time to think and look at how things are interconnected..

It should make anyone feel a little humbled if you really slow down and look at each thing and see how it moves and works with all the other parts..

Its fragile.. so fragile..

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4 Responses to O the tangled webs we weave

  1. Yes, it is all very fragile. Thanks for the reminder about preparing for a power outage. As we are in a totally new setting, we will need to revise our systems for dealing with no electricity.

    • It is fragile.. look at the stories coming out from the states in regards to the fire’s and the power being turned off. good luck on planning your backups on your new place.. that would be a interesting post to read for me at least šŸ™‚

  2. Widdershins says:

    And we paper that fragility over with layers and layers of illusions until the day comes when it starts to fall apart and we wonder, (and curse and look for someone to blame) what happened.

  3. WOW V, what a shot Girl!! They look like Crystal Spider Pearls! SO beautiful: )

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