Ferrier – Saddle and such..

It was the Ferrier Day yesterday, I headed out the door 30 min early to give a little extra work time with Bojangles.. he has been fussy on his one back leg since I got him.. I can pick it but he has never liked it messed with..

Warming him up and stretches does help in this regards.. I have had him vet checked.. and I have certain ways to help him limber up on this..  if he was in heavy work (which he will never be here) then I would need to consider getting him chiro once a month if he was going steady and showing signs of needing it..

I have had my vet check him a couple times when she is here as it was noted on his “first” check up and so we track it..

Their feet are all done up for the fall and I am hoping to do a mix of ground work, and some riding..  I loved smelling like horse.. I need to spend time with them.. and they need and want to spend time with their people..


Speaking of riding, I had hubby haul out my good leather saddle.. it had been placed in storage.. and I am both happy and NOT about how it came out of storage..  It needs a good scrub with saddle soap and a good oiling/leather treatment..

This area does not allow cats in it, I did not want to risk the cats being able to mark the leather or sit on it even with the cover.. but that meant that it turns out that I have a tip of a strap that clearly had mice nibbling..  at least it not the main saddle.. its the part that was hanging done that would have had some nice salt on that leather..

I need to crawl up into my saddle and go for a ride with my boy! It does not need in anyway to be long or fancy..

I just want to feel that sway.. that movement, to see the world from horseback..  I am craving it..   I need to trim out the bridle paths, the boys have been pasture puffs other then some pony rides this year..

winter lead to injury which lead to timbit.. all of which meant.. No riding! I don’t regret the choice of no riding.. It was very much the right call.. and of course there is a part of me that just starts crying that I am still not banned from it.. but those tears come and go all the time, day and night.. I just let them flow, I stop and cry, I try and let myself have that moment, that minute to greave and feel… then I breath! and start again..

The farm, the world just keeps on going forward.. always forward..  sometimes with me pushing forward.. focus forward.. other times dragging me kicking and screaming..  just depends on the moment..

There goes those tears again…


However this fall.. I am hoping to change that..  still I am not sure I can lift my saddle.. I will need to do reps with it.. I am so weak in many ways..  but I am allowed to start my physio in a more intense way again now.

My fitbit is on and I am starting to work hard at taking the pounds that went on over the past five months back off!

And with that.. I am going back at it.. take care and talk soon my friends..

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1 Response to Ferrier – Saddle and such..

  1. Widdershins says:

    ‘…winter lead to injury which lead to timbit…’ … had a bit of a chuckle at that … we can blame Tim Hortons, eh? 😀 … glad to hear you are letting the tears flow, there’s nothing like a good cry when you need one.

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