Its ok to turtle..

It’s ok to pull in..

It’s ok to get quiet..

It’s ok to seek calmness..

It’s ok to withdraw…

It’s ok to take time answering..

It’s ok to unplug when you want to do so..

It’s ok to turtle..

to have a shell

to have a place to retreat to

to go slow

to peer

to pause

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6 Responses to Its ok to turtle..

  1. It is definitely ok. But sometimes it is hard. We are productive people. We feel like we need to keep going. My father passed away two weeks ago; he spent the end of his life living with us. I feel like I need to go, go, go…it is fall on the farm afterall, no shortage of things to do. But I need to take time to turtle, as you so perfectly put it. That is what will help me heal. When I go, go, go I am just running from the pain. Thank you for the reminder. And be sure to take your turtle time too. πŸ’—

    • I understand this totally, I have grape juice that needs to be canned today and I have bowls of tomato’s to process.. The farm, the harvest will not wait.. it can be slowed but it will not stop.. so we take moments.. those moments let things sink into our hearts and souls.. I am sorry for the loss of your father.. I understand the urge to go, go go.. and I have lots on those lists.. but for now.. my body is forcing me to slow.. and my mind says goooooo! but my heart says.. no.. turtle.. I expect it will be a blend of both.. I need some nature time. Water, bush and damp forest earth smell… I need to breath in horse scent and lean back into my wonderful hounds.. We are blessed with having lives that help sooth our souls..

  2. Yes it is. Take care of yourself. Sending more hugs in case you need them.

  3. to take the time
    to heal…
    much love V!

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