Ask me a question? What is my Favorite Veggie?

Bubbles1990 Asked me

What is your Favorite Vegetable and ways I preserve and prepare it?

While this seems like a simple question.. the answer is a little more difficult..

My favorite veggie list is wide..

  • climbing plants– beans just a touch over pea’s
  • roots- Beets just a touch over potato’s
  • Plants- o my.. how to pick tomato’s over peppers, over cabbage over.. and so it goes.

but if I really had to knock it down.. my favorite Vegetable would be beets.

*I will say for overall highest produced veggie on the farm.. its potato’s.. they are my calorie powerhouse with beans and other root veggies coming in next and then squashes and pumpkins.

So I love beets, I love tiny round fresh eating beets, I love deep thick slicing beets, I love golden beets, and the red an white beets and I like fodder beets. I like beet greens.. its like getting a 2 for 1.. I love that we can harvest beet seed easily.. its one of those outstanding plants that you can take from seed to seed for years on your own land..  I love how this plant will produce, to wet to plant.. build a swale, raise the ground and plant them and they will go..  really dry.. add some extra peat moss or well done compost and just water that line and they will go..  any kind of average year and your beets are coming up and going!

So I like regular cooked beets, I like roasted beets both by themselves with sea salt and a bit of butter on them at the very end. I like beet soup, I will cook the bigger beets and then slip the skins and when cold grate them and then portion out the grated beets into freezer portions so I can make a fast beet soup lunch!

I like canned beets.. I like tiny canned beets for reheating with a touch of butter or sour cream or honey/salt o my.. so good.

Pickled Beets are a staple.. as other reach for pickles, I reach for Pickled Beets for snacks, for a bowl to go on the table.. to give as gifts..  and I just searched the blog.. how is it that I have never shared my pickled beets recipe..!

Hmmm that will have to change this year lol

I do keep my beets in the root cellar fresh for a good long while and I even put sprouting beets in the spring for greens and to do a push for seed saving!

Beets are a truly healthy and amazing root veg!  Hope that answers your question Bubbles 🙂

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2 Responses to Ask me a question? What is my Favorite Veggie?

  1. bubbles1990 says:

    Loved your answer. I have only had beets once in my life and was not overly impressed : / but after reading your email I’m going to try them again.


  2. bubbles1990 says:

    Thank you for responding. I have only had beets one time in my life and I can’t say I was impressed : / but after reading your email I’m going to try them again. I will try one of your recipes.


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