Soap Making Class Success.

My first Soap Making Class of the Year was a great success.. A truly outstanding group of ladies came to the class. While the weather and flooding did mean that the class was a touch smaller but the personality’s were big!

This was a cold Process soap making class, which means that I spent Friday making three batches of soap to be cut by the class and it was from these soap loaf’s that they picked their take home soap from.

They watched, listened and asked lots of questions while I made the first batch of soap..

They got impute on coloring, patterning and so forth. It turned out a nice two tone mix with soft green/red colored with clay, unscented.

Then I stepped back but with a careful eye and let them get to it.

Congrats on successfully making “Snow Cherry” Soap Bars. This is a rich lathered bar with a light cherry scent topped with my home grown, dried and ground red current skins on top for extra pop of color. They loved the crinkle cut over the straight cut.. so be it.. It is nice indeed.

It was a lovely start to my teaching classes this year and I am sure that all the ladies will be back for the more advanced soap making classes in the fall that will be tailored to learn tips and tricks to WOW for those Christmas gifts!

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3 Responses to Soap Making Class Success.

  1. Widdershins says:

    They look edible! πŸ˜€

  2. Very pretty soap! I’m glad your classes went well.

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