Easter “flowers” for the Table

Easter is here and so many will be in the stores buying Easter lily’s (keep them away from your cats please,) and others will be buying hot-house raised flowers. While they are lovely, they are also costly, often have traveled hundreds of miles and have a massive carbon foot print..

Might I offer a more frugal natural choice, head out into your garden with prune’s, red bush is stunning in spring, reach for your willows, flowering bushes, or in this case I kept back my cherry tree cuttings and they are now coming into bloom.

Grab a pretty Vase and the nice thing about that is you can use a canning jar if needed or a funky teapot, or all kinds of things if you do not have a vase.. This lovely will continue to bloom and open all weekend long.

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3 Responses to Easter “flowers” for the Table

  1. Silveryew says:

    How beautiful. My mother-inlaw finds a flowering branch while out on her walks, and then decorates that with eggs etc., and that makes their Easter table. Hope you had a lovely Easter.

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