Dogwood 52- Anonymous

This my stand in photo for this week.. I will come back to this weeks challenge at a later point..  sometimes you can look and look and still not find what it is you want for a certain word or idea in that time frame.

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4 Responses to Dogwood 52- Anonymous

  1. How can anything be ‘anonymous’ once you’ve seen it?

    • Just some of the idea’s have been backs of people.. who are they? Or roads that lead somewhere? not sure where.. or in this case.. Why is the road closed? where does the road go? or why or how did that get there.. a number of folks did street art or art on the train..

      • When I think of the word ‘Anonymous’, it’s usually attached to a piece without an identified Author and I always wonder about the circumstances of its writing…

    • That was the point.. trying to think outside the box in a way to figure out how to take a photo that for the person taking it make them think about “how to take a photo that shows something that makes you wonder at what is missing?”

      Tricky for sure..

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