Dogwood Week 10-Hometown

I will own it, I did try to get down to my favorite spot to take my picture for my home town but the gates were locked and the snow is 4 plus feet deep and you can not get into the park, never mind get the view of the South nation that runs though..

Weather.. what can I say.. Its winter here!

So this is another view of something in your town that amuses me.. I find it funny that the local vet has a rooster weather vane up there on top of their building!

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4 Responses to Dogwood Week 10-Hometown

  1. jenlynn401 says:

    I might do a post like this too! I love interesting ideas like this. Thank you so much for this post!

  2. Was admiring your Chickadee header photo (yet again; ) and the incredible detail you’ve been getting with the new camera (‘specially the bird & moon shots: )
    Wondering if you could give the make and model?

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