Keeping your Fruits and Greens Fresh

There has NEVER been a better time to start sprouting your own seeds for use in your home or growing all kinds of different greens in pots, in the garden, in a close raised kitchen garden bed.

Its crazy the amount of recalls that have been happening in regards to fresh salads, premade salads and even just whole green salad heads.

This is a bit of a different post today as I will be promoting a product and a company which is not something I do often.

It is possible that I could get a small percentage back on a some of these products, not all if you decide to buy directly though my link on this post only! While that is nice, you do not need to do so anyway to enjoy the information in this post!

Now I am the first one to admit that I prefer glass, metal or steel but I have to admit that these plastic based Fridge Smarts have won me over!

I have to admit that I didn’t want to even try this, the cost of them made my eyes bug and I went nope.. (remember I do most of my shopping in second hand shops and I love my reuse items) but a friend of mine that sells these, offered me one of the yellow topped ones to trail test..  I thought how much of a difference can it offer over my glass bowl with lid.

Turns out a lot.. I am not even going to try and explain why these work so well on fruit, veggies and fresh greens but they can hold your fresh items from the store or from the garden for days long then any other thing I have tried. I bought the first full set and worked them hard! I have layered up fruits, I have prepped veggies, I have pre-made salads without dressings, I have trialed out home grown sprouts and more..

I ended up buying a second full set of these when they went on sale about six months after I got the first set at full price!

They do go on sale twice a year, they also sell a massive one that those of us on homesteads should be given a hard look at when it comes up, its the only thing I have found that can hold things like strawberries and raspberry’s for extra time without them starting to spoil, when you just need that extra day or two for cleaning, processing. If you homestead, you know that sometimes just holding for even a extra 24 hours without damage is so needed and worth it!

These are getting a 5 star review. I am into my second year on them and I do NOT have a dishwasher, so they are being hand washed but they are working as perfect now as they did when I got them. If you use them, they will save you money in the end..  they do stack nicely in the Fridge which matters to me, as I need space savers.

Food waste is becoming a very known issue and I am/was just as bad as everyone else. I am blessed that as soon as I see things start to wilt to much or be a touch old. It goes to either the hounds, chickens or the pig bucket so nothing is going to true waste.

I think to a point this was both a good and bad thing, because it meant I didn’t feel that I really had food waste in the house because everything goes back into the farm, so if I did not get to this or that, it goes to the critters and yum, they love it

However with the rising costs of fresh food in winter, its dearly and I would rather sprout or ferment food for the critters or use the meal worms or red wigglers or BOSS to give them a boost and keep the food I am BUYING from the store working for us the people.

It got me using these Fridge Smarts even more.. So when I a friend of mine asked very nicely if I would give her a helping hand and host a party, I went.. AH.. I don’t do that..  I am very anti-microwave, so I could not say use them.. NO!

I think most things are on the high end for pricing.. so I struggled as I did want to give a helping hand. We have all had times in our life where we needed to reach out and I have always tried my best to give that lift up when I can.

Then I pulled my fridge smart of the fridge to make a dish with the veggies in it and went.. huh.. YES, this I can promote, this fits me, this works, I use it, It works like a trick!  So that’s how this post came about.

If someone is cleaning out their kitchen (to find joy) and they offer you these, snap them up!, if you find these in the second hand shops, into the basket they go.. but if you are not that lucky and you want to be able to extend your fruits/veggies and salad fixings by days (per my own use).  Then consider picking up a set to add to your fridge to help you with food waste.

Farmgal tip. If you have the time to do so.. and you have a local friend that sells stay with them., if not and you are in Canada, I have two different ladies I know that would love to help you out and can ship Canada wide (both working mom’s who have young children that use this as a second income stream) then wait till they go on sale.

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