Home Grown Food Summit 2019

Check out the online Home Grown Food Summit 2019

Please click on the link in blue above to be taken to the sign up page. I do NOT get anything for promoting this. I just think some of my readers might enjoy it 🙂

This is a event that happens yearly for a while now but its possible that some of you are not aware of it, so I wanted to share it. I have had friends and readers sign up in the past years and pick and choose what they want to learn from that have spoken highly of it.

Its free

Having said that I will let you in on how it works so you go in with eye’s wide open. I did sign up a numbers of years ago before I realized that I would need to watch it all online and I just do not have the data plan to do that.

Then I got the offer.. you see it is FREE on the day of.. each day they release new video’s and then you have a time limit to watch them.. then at the end of the online summit, they close them from being able to be watched ..

and the offers start coming in by email 🙂  They bundle all the video’s and put them on a disk (back in the day) now however its more likely to be a storage data key that they charge X for and that they will mail to you.

Now it could have changed by now, and perhaps now it’s up behind a pay wall, I am not sure.. however If you sign up for it and enjoy it.. that first viewing is FREE and you get to pick and choose what to watch and learn from, then as soon as possible click the remove me from the mailing list so you don’t get the upsell afterwards.

If any of them are of interest to you.. enjoy..



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2 Responses to Home Grown Food Summit 2019

  1. denobcpn says:

    I check this out every year and always learn something.

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