Friday’s Rambles around the Table – Physiotherapy

Morning, come on in..  Hope that sun on the snow fields were not to bright for you on the drive over.. its crazy that glare.. you need snow goggles or at least your sunglasses if you are going to spend to much time out there or you can get snow blind.

How would you like a dried nettle/mint tea blend today? I am feeling worn down, a combo of leftover ah from being sick, the never ending yo-yo of cold//warmer and then what seems like a never ending winter. I just can’t wait to see the first spring nettles popping their heads out. I am trying hard to remind myself that I almost always am able to get my fresh wild greens in april.

This photo below was taken in March of 2016, the year we had a crazy early spring, a full summer drought and a hard frost but long, long wet fall.. I know that we will not have bare ground or anything growing in march of this year!

Did you see the update that we have one big old messy storm coming in for the weekend, as long as it does not mess up my travel to my weekend away I should be able to manage, hubby might have a harder time here on the farm. He is holding the fort down for me while I head out to Eco Farm Days.

I have to admit that I am touch concerned as storm pressure changes can often encourage the ewe’s to have their lambs if they are close and that means he might be on baby duty.

If you want to see lots of photos, and little updates on the whole event and weekend, then make sure to pop over to the farms facebook page as I will be sending updates thought the events, but I will also ideally sharing at least a few things in more detail here on the blog but at a later point in time.

March is going to be busy with different events and gatherings, I am quite excited about it, so much learning, some things should be new, some things should just be new ways of looking at things and ideally if I have done it right, a number of things should be more in-depth learning to subjects I already have knowledge on.

April will be here before I know it.. April and May is all about the farm.. April is going to be a full month on working on the barns/outbuildings, as well as new babies and milking.. the weather will be better but I honestly can not see it be a early spring in terms of the garden.. May will be all about the yard/gardens/planting etc.

Well, I have been seeing a positive result from my physiotherapy and I really like the young lady who I work with, she is awesome.. I think she broke me this week lol..

I know that sound’s bad but she always says things like.. if it hurts you are going to far, go smaller, which in truth really does help, I have a thing about go big and feel the burn.. she is not after the burn.. she wants slow tiny controlled movements till you get stronger..

Which has turned out to be a amazing thing as you build things faster that way.  However I asked for help on up and down on the hard cement floor in the barn and she gave great advice on how to move my leg and how to use my own leg as a push off point for balance, however I have a issue on strength and so I got modified squats..

O My Friggin  Bleep-Bleep..  I did the full amount on the first day and the next day I could barely move without wanting to cry..

I did move.. barely.. my fit bit does not lie.. It just sucked.. I stretched, I walked and I finally yielded and took pain meds.. It was a rough day.. I tried to do just ten of those reverse suckers and knees popped and cracked and legs went.. ARE YOU CRAZY! why, why are you doing this to us..

But today is a new day! and the pain is leveling off so today I will start again.. I am so glad I have a full two weeks to work on this before I see her again.. hopefully I will slowly, daily get better at this.. I am so excited that I have a hot tub (as well as a swimming pool) at the hotel I am staying at, and I swear, I am temped to head in early, soak in the hot tub for 20 min before the first day for the event starts lol..

but the odds are better that I will enjoy a good long soak on Saturday night after I have a nice swim and I will be setting the alarm for another swim on sunday to start my day.

I know that in the long run this is going to prove to be very useful but I did find it hard that it slowed me down so much on a healing day.. Well, I wish you all well today.. have a great Friday..

Are you one of those in a area that spring has already arrived and you are in the gardens/yards, or are you like me, covered in snow by a couple feet? Did you have any new babies this week? Waiting on a expecting momma that looks like she is whale big?  Healing or working on a rehab on certain body part?

Well, I had better go haul some water and shovel some snow and do some more stretches!

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4 Responses to Friday’s Rambles around the Table – Physiotherapy

  1. Silveryew says:

    I’m glad the physiotherapy is helping, and in the words of my former manager, slow and steady wins the race. You might feel tempted to push yourself but like she says, just do little things, one step at a time, and it’ll bring you good results.

    Over here it feels like spring is on its way. It has gotten warmer this week and I made the decision to turn the heating off completely last night. We shall have to see if it remains this warm but for now it’s saving us money ^_^ I have pegged a load of washing out this morning so hopefully it will almost finish drying before I have to take it down this evening.

    • Morning Silver, O how I miss my cloths line, I wish we had been able to get a new one up last fall but alas not.. its one of the first things I am looking forward to getting up in the spring, I am thinking I might have to get a cloths horse rack for on my deck to hold me over till we can get the hole dug and the big pole up so I can get a new line from my deck out to the yard.. I can see hints of spring in the warms of the sun here but not like you can, I have also turned the heater off in the living room, moving over to solar heating only.. I have turned down the other two main heaters and have taken to turning them off went not needed, so the bedroom one goes off when I get up and on for the late evening over night only. so only the main floor one is still really working at this time., well and the one for the early plant starts room is at its lowest setting. Some days I have to turn things up and other days I can just turn them off. I look forward to when they can all go off because yes, it would indeed save us money as well.. but not there yet..

  2. Glad to hear that physio is working for you and it also sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time at the Eco Farm Days. Enjoy yourself. No babies here but much healing has occurred and The Man is feeling so much better now that his lung is how it should be and HE HAS QUIT SMOKING!!! Whoo hoo.

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