Canning Log Jan 2019

I am going to see if I can make this work for 2019, we will see.. its never easy at all to do something like this, forget even a few times and it slips though the cracks.

So I need to do some side notes on these..

Things I am including in the cost per jar.

  • Cost of the food in the jar itself
  • Cost if any of what is the liquid in the jar
  • Cost if any of the spices in the jar
  • Cost of the new lid per jar
  • Cost of the energy per water bath load or per pressure canner load

Things I am not including in the cost per jar

  • My time
  • cost of the jar, its a sunk cost.. some of the jars were gotten for free, some at 10 or 25 cents at farm sales, most gotten by the case on year end sales.. I currently have around 1650 jars give or take a few.

Regardless it was done in half pints, pints quarts or half gallons.. all Jars listed are rounded up and or down into pints.

Canning done in Jan 2019

  1. 18 pints of potato’s -Cost per pint jar .62 cents
  2. 4 pints Orange Cranberry Jam  Cost per pint jar 1.76
  3. 4 pints Mixed Veggie Soup-.44 cents per jar
  4. 14 Pints of Dark Baked Beans .63 cents per jar
  5. 7 Pints of Lemon Marmalade -.88 cents per jar
  6. 2 Pints salted cured Lemons- 1.16 per jar
  7. 12 Pints lemon vinegar cleaner(scape lemon parts)- .33 per jar
  8.  5 pints of Lemon Syrup – .65 cents per jar
  9. 5 pints of lime syrup- .89 cents a jar
  10. 6 pints kiwi jam 1.45 per jar

Jan Jar count.. 77 pints


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