Top Ten Posts 2018

Throws hands in air.. Ok.. OK>>> I will do a top ten posts post LOL

So here is the thing.. Every single of one of my top ten posts in 2018, where not written in 2018..

I am of two minds on this..

One mind has me loving  that google ranks my blog high enough that it just brings in the readers that are searching for information.. this is truly wonderful!

The other mind of me, has me giving this list the squinty eye cuz nothing I wrote in 2018 was interesting enough to crack the top ten!

Ok, shakes head, cracks my hands and puts on my writers cap..

Clearly I must step up my game in 2019 and see if at least 1! of my posts in the coming year will make the top ten next year!

So a little data for you..

I have written 278 posts in 2018 and I have an aim for 365 for 2019, we will see if I make it.

My awesome readers have commented 1,574 times in the past year! THANK YOU! I love when you interact with me on the blog!

On with the show..

  1. How to make Paper out of Cow Manure
  2. Christmas Carrot Pudding Recipe
  3. Rabbit Jerky or Side Bacon
  4. Thermos Shuttle Chef Review
  5. Homemade Treats for Cows
  6. Wild Violet Recipes
  7. The Spruce Tips, Idea’s and Recipes
  8. Lamb Milk Replacer’s
  9. What do you use Clover for?
  10. Salt Cured Leg of Lamb

There are some very interesting posts in that list, It certainly covers a wide subject of things that’s for sure. I hope to stretch this coming year and explore a number of different subjects as well as share an work with the tried and true!


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7 Responses to Top Ten Posts 2018

  1. J > What a list of titles!!! And don’t they draw one in! The fir tip is very interesting – potentially useful, so i shall have to check out all the other top 10 posts – even though we don’t have cows and we’re not that desperate for paper!

  2. homeandharrow says:

    Well, I for one am glad you published this list because there are some posts there I want to read again! Looking forward to reading along in 2019, too!

  3. Erica Blais says:

    Happy New Year. I really enjoy your posts and have been following you for a few years now. I grew up with “back-to-the-land” parents in the 1970’s so this blog really reminds me a lot of my childhood. I do now try to practise as much self-sufficiency as possible and your writing inspires me to do more. Thanks. Erica

  4. Sheri Zone 8b says:

    I ran through that list and jumped into The Spruce Tips, Idea’s and Recipes also. My problem, tree identification!……also, isn’t spruce tips high in Vitamin C? Don’t feel put-off about your 2018 year, I have received more comments from friends & family about it being an off year….Just keep focusing on the blessings!

    • Hi Sheri, Glady you ran into it, It is true that Spruce Needle Tea is very healthy for you and Vit C is part of it. As for identification, I recommend that you track down your states ag online website, they should have a area where they ID all your local tree’s, plants and so forth. Otherwise, google what type of tree is locally to you neck of the woods and then take a photo of the ones you are looking at and compare 🙂 Once you start really look, feeling and smelling them, you will learn quickly the difference

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