Self Reliance Challange 2019

Once again Lisa is having a 31 day Self Reliance Challenge for bloggers to join in with.

Make a resolution to be more self reliant in 2019! Being more self reliant helps save money and increase your confidence and skills. I’ve pledged to share my self reliance posts, tips, and plans with you in January 2019 as I challenge myself to learn new skills!

I am going to be working with fellow bloggers listed on her page, I also have included a link to the main site with all the bloggers in my side bar if you ever want to check them out in more detail.

If you are a Pin Gal the group has you covered! Follow the link to our board, where you will see all the new posts from all the homestead bloggers in the challenge.

If you are blogger and want to join, please feel free to drop me a note or go right to lisa’s site and see will get you all set up.  You do not need to post daily and you are allowed to link back to older posts as well.

I am trying something new this year.. I have written out a schedule for the full 31 days and I have a daily plan on what goes out when. I might love this or I might hate this! Its a busy month and I am interested to see if this will help or hurt me for keeping things on track.

Sometimes having a subject matter can be great and other times if I am not feeling the writing flow with it, I can’t get it come out when something else needs to be written first. In hopes of keeping it moving correctly, I have one backup post already done for each of the “general” seven day subject matters done in the plan. This means if I hit a bump on my writing, I can use the pre-written one and or the older post that is related to the subject matter and well worth bringing out again.

I break all the rules because I do write most of my post fresh daily, rather then writing ahead of time but I think that most of the time that is perfect for my blog as I keep to the season’s and the happenings on the farm and our outings/trips and so forth.

I am not taking on any “new” for this challenge.. instead I am going to focus hard on what I KNOW inside and out.. I am going to try and look at programs/kits/How to that are second nature to me and share them.

These will be tried and true write out and tips on how we do things on the farm, with new fresh updates on posts written years ago with new photos in some cases. While I admire so many of the bloggers trying new things and new challenges and learning curves.

It got my thinking cap on and I decided that I would go the other way!



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2 Responses to Self Reliance Challange 2019

  1. Margy says:

    I’ll follow along to learn new ways to be self-reliant. Would love to take the challenge, but my skills are those of a newby and my “homestead” floats on water without any land to use. – Margy

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