Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

Dec 8th

For a Saturday that alarm went off, and after the dogs were done, they went to back to bed with Hubby and I was off the farm by 7am.. I was heading to the city to meet a cousin from hubbies side and we were off to a ladies spa day!

We drove to Quebec, it was cold, it was snowing.. the wind would freeze your hair stiff with white frosting!  What a place, this only show some of it.. no camera allowed inside. so I will have to show you with their video..

There are hot pools, cold pools, bubble pools, places you can talk, places you can whisper and places you are silent in, there are steam baths and hot sauna’s. So much more!  We arrived just after 9 am and left around 7:30pm that evening approx.

Wow, other than my bad legs, the rest of me was so relaxed and boneless, it was an amazing however my mind was the very opposite, I meet those most interesting lady’s and one hubby. So many interesting chats, laughs and a lovely fancy lunch with platters of this and that. I really liked the pate and the one dip..

I will find a way to get back there with my hubby for a couples day at some point..  I have to admit that I never knew that we even had something like this within an hour and half or so depending on traffic from the farm.  I didn’t get home till close to 11pm.

Dec 9th

Hubby had slipped and fallen earlier in the week and was really feeling it so I did two massage sessions of close to hour each. the rest of the day was pretty slow and steady.

Faith kitty like her brother Patrick are in need of regular grooming in their full winter fluffy coats, she is looking might fine. The Canada post mail lady delivered my new camera in a surprise to me on a sunday

Tried out a few things but have read manual twice and will need to do so again.

Snagged a fast selfie to show you my new glasses as promised. They are messing with my depth and giving me bad headache but I am wearing them steady none the less. I am getting the old glasses redone with the new glasses, so I will have two pair.

Dec 10th

Morning folks, Could you give me a helping hand please?

I will be working with a group of bloggers for a self-sufficiency month in jan of 2019 and I am starting on a list on blog ideas, if you are willing, share with me some ideas that you would like to see addressed on this subject, I can not say I will use them all but it would be possible I might 🙂

Got an update on the chocolate I had ordered from a friend’s daughter, I am excited about it coming in as most of it will be going back out as Christmas presents, I often make my own chocolates but I took that off this year and ordered to give a helping hand in sales needed.

The big high light of the day was sun! Honestly it was.. the sun poured in from bright blue sky’s. I turned off the heat in that part of the house, and enjoyed the warmth of solar heat! I watched critters chase the sun around the room with this look of AH, and I totally understood, I even laid down on the couch at the right time for 20 sun therapy for myself.

Sunlight in the darkest part of winter means so much when the rest of the days are grey overcast!

The rest of the day was spent just doing normal Monday putter things and it was game night on Monday evening. Always enjoy getting to spend that time with friends.

Dec 11th

In the night with the covers drawn and deep in sleep my hubby called out my name in pain.. He was having muscle spasm’s and they were ripping across his back, I was up in a stumbling mess with lights on.. I worked on his back for around 30 minutes between hand on and machine massage heat and meds.

Poor guy, he is working from home today and I have been on the phone this morning , tracking down and getting him in to see a physiotherapist. I have also put a call in to SIL as she does this kind of work to hold us over.

If he does not get it under control, he will be going to emerg, which he is fighting me on, he says I am helping enough.. Its always so hard to see someone you love in pain!

I have been able to get him booked in very early next week for a full checkup and start of a program on healing, and I will do my best to hold him steady in place till we can get some answers. Some of it is covered by our insurance, but I do not really care.. I would pay full price if I needed to do so.

Because he is home today, I had to change up the normal teli-work day later in the week and call and rebook other plans, that’s fine. I got it all sorted out and this snowy grey day is now calming down and should be steady as she goes, I hope!

Well, you will have to wait till the next mini-chapter of Farmgal’s Christmas Journal to find out how the rest of the day goes.  You all have a good day yourself!





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8 Responses to Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

  1. Silveryew says:

    I’m glad you managed to have a lovely relaxing day for yourself. Faith looks gorgeous and fluffy in her lovely coat!
    I do hope your husband feels better soon.

  2. Margy says:

    I have never been to a pleasure spa, but went to go to a weight loss spa several times. The first day was always the best. After that my body was protesting from all the stretching and exercise programs. I went with friends from work so it was like a mini-vacation. As far a topics on self-sufficiency I would suggest composting for waste management as well as gardening benefits, gardening in a variety of way that even city dwellers can use, canning and preserving food for ease of use and winter supplies, using alternative energy sources including solar, wind, water and woodstove heat (for warmth and power generation). – Margy

  3. That man needs a day at your spa! And no salt – EVER! hope the workup helps. c

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your spa experience. Hoping your hubby feels better soon. Having a messed up back sucks.

  5. Widdershins says:

    Poor Hubby. 😦 … hope he’s doing better now.

    Oh my, that Spa! I want one! 😀

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