Seed Sales for November

I am excited to announce that these Seed Sales from Mary’s Seeds.

Mary’s Seeds currently offer’s over 500 varieties of Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid seeds. Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge.

This is a An affiliate link and if you choose to use it and you buy something, I will get a small percent of the sale.   

I have never done a affiliate program before so I hope this goes smoothly. I have had different folks over the years talk to me about it. While I will continue to support Canadian seed producers a lot of my readers are in states and I have been asked a number of times each year who I would recommend to buy seeds from in the states.  I am pleased to be able to have a answer to give now.

This seed sale runs from Nov 1st to Nov 14ths and my promo code is leeloo

The sale is 10% off all order of 15 dollars or more and it can be used on all Sale items! as well as all regular items.

One of the things I like about Mary’s seeds is that she has outstanding deals on her 99 cent seed packages.  They cover a large amount of basic’s for your garden at a lower cost. There are also some great seed kits on sale already and take a extra 10% off.

Its a great way to save if you would like to give seeds to your favorite gardener as Christmas gifts.



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