Lilli & Lotti’s Bunnies in a Bag!

Next up in the Lilli & Lotti Christmas Catalogue are bunnies in a bag!

These debuted last year at this time and have been a huge hit. Each little bunny is hand made and embroidered to show their own distinct personalities.

Each comes with six interchangeable skirts, a crocheted scarf and a cozy drawstring bag to tuck everything into.

I am taking orders for Christmas now, they are $25 each. Bags and skirts come in a variety of fabrics, and I can do my best to fulfill specific requests. I can also do PANTS 👖 if so desired. Because of the small parts, these aren’t recommended for kids under the age of 3.

Now, are they not just SO cute.. they also have other things on their facebook page to check out!

So here is me following the rules.. I did not get anything for promoting this company, I was not gifted anything nor was I paid in any way. To the best of my knowledge, following the link at the top of the post will not create any “cookies” beyond what facebook does in its normal way.

Now that I have that out of the way! The lovely ladies that own this small company, I meet one of them many years ago when she lived in the country and had her own little Canadian Blog, we were blogging buddies seven or eight years ago.. life changed and she no longer blogs but we became facebook friends and have stayed in touch since then.

I offered to put a post up here to promote their page because it means supporting a small handmade product. She does use new items but she is also totally open to using recycled material as well.  So Perhaps you or your children or your friend is looking for a one of kind Christmas gift that was handmade with love.. Take a look, there are a number of different items, I just picked the bunny in the bag because I think its adorable 🙂

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2 Responses to Lilli & Lotti’s Bunnies in a Bag!

  1. silveryew says:

    How adorable are those ❤ and good on you for supporting small businesses! We can all make choices regarding where and how we shop to support local shops. It's why I try to go to independent coffee shops and cafes, rather than go a multinational company which funnels its earnings into a tax haven somewhere *rant over* XD

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