Fall Green Harvesting

The part of the yard that was exposed after all the tree’s came out has had a total regrowth..  there was clearly a spot where birds where sitting after snacking in the garden,

as we had a number of tomato, ground cherry plants come up. We have no idea at all on what kind of tomato they are, but they are starting to bloom, We are going to put a moveable hoop house over them to keep out the frost till I can at least figure out what kind of tomato’s they are ideally. as for the ground cherries, not sure what I can do about them.. they are such a large plant.

we also had wild mustard, wild violets that are growing like spring and are in bloom. Baby horse radish greens and burdocks are coming up in droves. So as strange as it seems, at the start of oct, I am harvesting and drying greens in the house like its spring.

Given we had such a poor spring (it went from cold to high heat) its lovely to get a longer extended fall here on the farm! I just wish I had been able to plant more things at the regular timing in aug (but the ground was dry dust at the time LOL) so that didn’t happen.

Topping up jars of dried greens is a very good thing.

So how is your fall this year? are you like my dear friends and family in the west.. early hard cold winter has arrived (in many cases before the crops have been taken off) or are you living in a more moderate climate and your fall garden is going well?

Did you get your typical fall rains? We did not..

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