Ottawa Tornado EF-2 Storm 2018

A tornado ripped through parts of the Ottawa-Gatineau area Friday afternoon leaving two people in critical condition and more than 170,000 people without power across the region.

The twister touched down in Dunrobin — a rural community in Ottawa’s west end, where multiple homes were severely damaged — before heading east across the Ottawa River toward Gatineau Park, according to Environment Canada

Muglia said however, the damage is serious, nearly as bad as the 1998 ice storm.

“This is the worst storm that we have dealt with in the history of Ottawa … at least since 1998.”

The storm “tracked for quite a significant distance,” said Peter Kimbell, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada.

“We know for sure that there was a tornado in Gatineau because we have colleagues of mine who actually saw it.”

Based on damage reports, the tornado was likely an EF-2, which have sustained winds from 179 to 218 km/h, he said.

Dear Hubby had a late meeting on Friday and was on the last bus for commute home, he snapped a photo of the sky and storm moving his way, he quote said, wanted to show me the dark area of the sky, once home and blown up, he in fact took picture of the tornado moving forward west to east in direction, while he was located to the south.

I was nervous waiting for news and was so glad when he pulled in the drive, we got winds and so very minor damage, my heart goes out to those that were in the tornado’s path. 100,000’s of folks without power.

this is climate change in action, we are going to see more and more extreme weather events. Thankfully my friends in the dunrobin area were missed but so many others had damage, had a friend on the Quebec side who was missed by a mear 500 feet in the path and lots more with minor damage..

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10 Responses to Ottawa Tornado EF-2 Storm 2018

  1. terry says:

    Horrible weather, glad you are safe.

    • I have friends that were close to where it came down, so many farms/buildings have had damage as well as the closest little town to them.. The news is focussed on the town and city damage and I get that, I do .. but the farms really got hit.. such a long time on the ground, they say the tornado traveled for a full 20 to 25 min on the ground, at 80 km an hour.. that is a massive area covered.

  2. Glad to hear that you are okay!

  3. Widdershins says:

    Good to hear that you only got brushed by them, but so many people’s lives being smashed. 😦

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