Pruning.. this is not pruning, this is cutting out the fungal.. ouch!

Well hubby and I spent a couple hours this morning, I would like to say that we pruned the plum tree’s but really we just cut them down to bare.. Its a good thing that they are tough tree’s and I expect that they will recover.

I will post photos over the season as they recover and so forth..  While this bush might have enjoyed a light pruning this spring, it was certainly growing well and was covered in flowers and then so many baby plums.

I whimpered to cut everything down around the tree’s and I will be planting something under them to the drip lines but first we had to cut it all down.. clear it out, dry it and rake and burn it.  We needed to take out the effect fruit, leaves and branches.

Did not get a before on this one, but it had a bit more left on it then the other big one did.. So far the smaller younger tree’s are not showing nearly as many issues, so they were given a much lighter pruning as well. But I will be going out weekly to check and prune if required.

A more advanced showing of the fungus effecting the fruit, soon it would turn grey and start to give off spores. I got this all done before that could happen..

Only one way to deal with all these off-cuts.. Everything needs to burned off course!

And on a side note.. our potato’s are all planted now 🙂  Here is hoping that this mornings work yields results, I can’t see us having much of a crop next year, as plums grow on two year or older wood.. but at least it gives us a chance to get this under control.

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4 Responses to Pruning.. this is not pruning, this is cutting out the fungal.. ouch!

  1. Widdershins says:

    Heart-wrenching, but necessary. 😦

  2. bluestempond says:

    I can be a heartless pruner and my family is always sure I’ve destroyed things, but they always come back stronger.

    • Good to know, I normally never take off more then 1/3rd at a time.. This was far more then that. Still the cuts are healing well and the weather has been perfect for that. So far so good, it was also good to take out the cross branches in the middle.. much more goblet shaped now.

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