Its sunny, plus 25 and they say we have maybe rain for three days coming, I am in for lunch 🙂 and otherwise its a outside day.. So here is a older post but a good one talking about Gizzards.. I am bringing this out because I will be bringing out a new cheese recipe using fowl Gizzard as the rennet in the next few weeks.. have a great day folks!

Just another Day on the Farm

So when I was growing up, my mother was the queen of the gizzard, she loved to bake it besides the bird, along with the heart and neck to help flavour the stock, and it was the cook that got to eat them hot and O so flavourful in the kitchen with them never even making the table.. as a child and teen, I remember sometimes a tiny peice being cut off and being shared as a treat, so it was not until I moved out on my own that I was able to get to eat a gizzard.. Now heart was a different story, as you can buy packages of chicken hearts or livers and make whole meals of them..

In the last year, I have found out the hard way that when I say Gizzard, (and by such, I do mean the gizzard of a fowl, aka the…

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3 Responses to Gizzards

  1. valbjerke says:

    When we used to butcher meat birds – I had a lady who used to come pick up all the gizzards, and another fellow would come pick up all the feet (fit soup). I used to cook the giblets and make gravy out of them. Which book are you referring to for recipes – I’d like to see if I can find a copy. I use calf rennet at the moment, and am looking into what type of plants work for vegetable rennet.

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