31 Day Self Reliance Challange Week Three Overview


Week Three Overview

How did we get to week three already! Crazy how fast the time this month is flying by.. We finally got rain, and we really needed it. I got to try out our new small metal shed roof rain collection system.. working well, I will need to do some tree trimming. Otherwise, we have had very nice weather this week. Sunny, warm with a light winds.

Things that we got done over the past week.

  • Dried two jars worth of nettles for winter use
  • Planted our 4 Saskatoon tree’s, added in new Black Rasberry canes (new kind to the farm to go with the other two types I have) added in two more female and one more male Haskups, which were planted in between the current bushes.. think of them as in-fill.
  • Worked on three more permaculture guilds and put in more of the “bones” larger fruiting tree’s and bushes and canes into the being built Diamond garden.
  • Found and hauled all the rotting wood for the base of the new hugelbed, also added into five more wheel barrel’s to the outer ring for the same bed.

  • Took out a number of smaller baby tree’s.. Took out some bigger tree’s and cut some firewood from them
  • Had a clutch of new chicks hatched on the farm- moved them to the grow out pen
  • Made a natural dewormer for the flock out of nettle roots and treated everyone in a flavoured drinking water.
  • Made our first rhubarb Crisp (yum) of the year

  • Crazy amount of yard work, working it the main garden, and some fun with my horse’s.. perfect horse back riding weather.
  • Ferrier came for a visit and one morning was taken up with making sure my team’s feet are all ready for both riding season and for farm work.
  • Continuted to do purge in the house.. four more box’s of stuff that went to our local church run second hand shops.
  • Picked up my tomato and pepper plants, I have a smaller non-heated greenhouse on the farm, but I worked with a local who can start my plants in feb, which means even compared to my own early starts, it gives me another full two months head start..

Things I did not get to this week that I have moved over to this weeks list.. my shear my two wool sheep (thankfully the rest are hair sheep and shed out naturally), I need to do both sheep and goat feet trims.

Not planned.. lost 4 chickens to a fox.. a bold as brass fox that didn’t even feel the need to run a way while eating my livestock.. Not a good choice.. it will not be getting any more of my flock.


A wonderful detailed post on a great spring edible that many people over look, the hosta.. Also at the end of this post, do take a peek at the other recipes listed.. her bacon wrapped hosta recipe looks so good! hmmmm Bacon..


I very much enjoyed reading franks post about the fruit tree cuttings, fruits that I would never be able to grow in my own zone but so interesting to read about.. Check out his post for detailed information on how he makes a drip water feeder for use in his greenhouse.

I enjoyed reading all the blogger post goals for the challenge and I look forward to sharing different bloggers posts that I liked reading over the coming weeks 🙂

We would love to have you join the challenge and share your own steps to self sufficiency . Follow us and share your self reliance methods, tips, goals, and dreams! Be sure to visit the other bloggers and read about their self reliance journey! You can follow along each members blog or other social mediums be it Facebook, twitter or more.

If you would like to join in this challenge, please go here to fill out the form on her site

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And myself.. Just another day on the farm 🙂

I will be writing new content for this challenge. However I am also going to bring out of off my most popular homesteading and related posts over the blogs seven plus years history. We are asked to do a one week round up and sharing of other blogs favorite posts, I am looking forward to getting to know these new bloggers. We never stop learning 🙂


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4 Responses to 31 Day Self Reliance Challange Week Three Overview

  1. Sounds like you had a great week and you were pretty productive too! I have really enjoyed reading your posts while we all take on this challenge! I am glad to hear you got a rainwater catchment in place. We will be working on ours if the rain ever stops falling in Central Florida. Good luck this week!

  2. mariazannini says:

    We’ve had our share of chicken murder this year. To be on the safe side (in case we lose anymore this year) I’ve decided to incubate a batch of eggs for next year’s layers.

    Good luck thwarting that fox. They don’t give up easily.

    • Hi Maria, If you catch them red-handed in the act on your land with one of your critters, you are allowed to use deadly force.. Its not going to be bothering my chickens again.. but you are very correct.. once they start.. they don’t stop until they are stopped!

      Good idea on the incubate eggs, I have had two hens hatch now, so I have 14 new chicks on the farm and I have three more hens sitting yet.. so hopefully, out of those 14 I will get my four replacement hens

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