Working with the local’s

While I admit that I can and have started my own starts many years.. if you look back on the site, you will see them in detail.. but some years it nice to let others do things for you..

In this case, when I had the chance to put in a tomato and pepper order for what I wanted for this years garden and get a four month head start on them due to the person have a full greenhouse and starting them in Feb, when my own “green house” is a deep freeze.

I took it.. boy am I happy with the results.. they huge, strong, amazing root systems and I will bury them up to the first node to give them even more sturdy start and will be able to set up their climbing cages as they go in.

24 Roma’s , 6 cherry and 6 fresh eating-slicers..  Can you believe that bare-root these guys were done at 2.50 and as I asked for them to potted up two weeks ahead.. they were a mear dollar more..

They where brushing the top of the vehicle..  3.50 each is outstanding!  I will be pruning in June, I am sure.. I expect I will be eating cherry tomato’s in june as well.. instead of my harvest being in late july.. push in aug and clean up huge on green tomato’s in sept.. I expect that I will be starting much earlier this year..  we will see..

The pepper plants are smaller but that is natural and good for me.. they look good but many of them are a foot and half and in bloom already! I ordered 24 peppers,  all of them are good for eating but mainly for canning uses in sauce etc

I am very glad to have given a order to fellow farmer and thrilled with the plants I got in my order 🙂

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6 Responses to Working with the local’s

  1. kage2015 says:

    Well done. I plant 50 tomatoes every year. We do so much with tomatoes. I was out planting more hot peppers and regular peppers today.

    • very nice, I make a good amount of sauce and canned tomatos. with just the two of us in the house. I have found that 20 to 30 plants make enough for us at this point 🙂 Good for you on getting your 50 in.. do you do mostly sauce type as well?

  2. Nicola Simmons says:

    They look fantastic. There are many starts at the local farmers markets here, but none look close to that good and they are more expensive!

  3. Lisa Lynn says:

    Beautiful plants! This reminds me that I need to check on mine in the greenhouse!

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