Striving for Victory – Dig for Victory

I just adore the year long challenge that my fellow Canadian blogger has taken on, and I have been waiting for the announcement of the victory garden.. I have a little copy of the official victory garden and how, what to grow and I am very interested in learning more.. I will be joining them in the garden part. I have been reducing energy costs and I already shop second hand most of the time. I do not want it to take away from the may challenge. so I will not be talking about it more then once a week max

hip roof barn

My apologizes for taking so long to post May’s Striving for Victory Challenge.  In my defense, the sun was shining and it was time to get busy in the garden.

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2 Responses to Striving for Victory – Dig for Victory

  1. Thanks for joining in. I’m sure I will learn more from you!

    • I have been waiting 🙂 I ordered in five or six books on this subject when I did the month long war challenge a couple years ago. There was so much more in those book to explore and I really enjoyed reading them but was not sure how I want to bring some of that to the blog itself. I figured you would do a garden and I was just waiting to jump in on it 🙂

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