As promised here is the full sunchoke blog post 🙂 that was talked about in my newly planned Fodder garden

Just another Day on the Farm

Yesterday in the bitter cold, we dug up a few plants worth of Sunchokes.


Qouted from this site

Sunchokes, the vegetable formerly known as “Jerusalem artichokes,” are the tuberous roots of a native North American plant in the sunflower family — neither from Jerusalem nor related to artichokes — originally cultivated by Native Americans. The Oxford Companion to Food says that the plant was noted in writing as early as 1603, when Samuel de Champlain (the same guy Lake Champlain is named after) described the root as tasting “like an artichoke,” ostensibly starting the naming confusion that has plagued the vegetable since its European debut.

Things get even weirder, etymologically speaking, because in much of Europe, the vegetable is known as topinambour (or some variation), a corruption of the name of an indigenous Brazilian tribe that was on “tour” (I won’t even comment on that one) in France at the…

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2 Responses to Sunchokes

  1. Elliott says:

    My name is Elliott Sheppard, and I represent Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, we would like to invite you to our 13th annual Wildlife Baby Shower held May 13th 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Your blog has recently come to our attention. Specifically, we were taken by your critters section, the breadth and passion you have for your livestock resonated with us. It is clear that we share many of the same convictions when it comes to wildlife, the environment, and our responsibility to do as much as we can to protect it.

    The Baby Shower highlights the season of new birth and celebrates the beauty of nature while also educating attendees about the very real struggles this time of year puts on wildlife. Should you attend you can expect a fun family-friendly day of baby animal feeding demos, informative displays about the animals Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre cares for, such as turtles, bears and raptors while also learning about our exciting volunteer opportunities. This event also features, Caitie’s Critters petting zoo, face painting, kids games, several vendors, and an all-day barbeque and canteen, the Nice Ice Baby Ice Cream truck, and sweet treats provided by Milk & Cookies Café.

    Should you have, any questions you can reach me at

    Thank you or your time, and we cannot wait to hear from you!

    • hello, I am not sure we can make it this event but thank you for the information, it looks like a amazing center and I would be happy to promote it with a blog post her and share that on my facebook and twitter. please keep up the great work and bless you all for the helping hand given

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