31 Day Self Reliance Challange

Follow along as we share posts to help you:

Save money and energy
Raise animals for meat, eggs, and dairy
Grow fresh food in your own garden and orchard
Cook healthy meals from scratch
Hunt and fish to provide for your table
Create your own bath and body products
Preserve the bounty of your homestead
Forage for wild edibles and medicinal plants
Provide a healthy life for your family and pets
Take on DIY and home craft projects
Prepare for emergencies
Live an abundantly simple life!

We would love to have you join the challenge and share your own steps to self sufficiency . Follow us and share your self reliance methods, tips, goals, and dreams! Be sure to visit the other bloggers and read about their self reliance journey! You can follow along each members blog or other social mediums be it Facebook, twitter or more.

If you would like to join in this challenge, please go here to fill out the form on her site

Please check out this outstanding bloggers that are joining in the challenge. More might join as we go along.

Lisa Lynn – The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Maria – Maria Zannini

Frank – My Green Terra

Shawnalee – Homegrown Self Reliance

Ashley – Practical Self Reliance 

Candy- Candy’s Farm House Party

Robin- A life in the wild

Kathi – Oak Hill Homestead

Nancy- Nancy on the Homefront

AnnMarie- 15 Acre Homestead

And myself.. Just another day on the farm 🙂

I will be writing new content for this challenge. However I am also going to bring out of off my most popular homesteading and related posts over the blogs seven plus years history. We are asked to do a one week round up and sharing of other blogs favorite posts, I am looking forward to getting to know these new bloggers. We never stop learning 🙂


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