Digging in the garden

Well, the sun was shining to day, it was beautiful out, and I got to spend a good portion of the day outside off and on again. One of the things I noticed was the flower beds are all melting out, not only do I need to do the spring poo clean up in some area’s but I think this weekend, its possible that I might be able to do the side flower bed clean up, which tell’s you just how much I am looking forward to the garden season that I am excited as in happy dance excited that I get to clean a garden bed.

Which got me looking a few of my other gardens, gardens that really got overrun last fall, that were just left wild.. o so wild.. crazy wild.. I mean we are wild garden folks anyway but normally there its controlled wild..ย  and every late fall, we spend that six to eight week window between harvest and deep winter gaining back control of the let it go fall harvest gardens and so we start the spring needing work on a some things.

Some things I leave for the overwintering of bugs and so forth, some things I leave because I truly believe that they feed the soil and or offer protective coverage, and some things I will cover with bedding four to six inches deep or compost four to eight inches deep and let it go all late fall, winter and early spring and then mix it all in.

However I am going to have to own it.. we have three garden area’s that are truly overrun.. each one is over run in a different way.

Garden number 1 is a section of the main garden and its over grown but in truth in a great way.. I have hundred to several hundred babies plants of things I like in gardens.. I have extra comfrey babes, and raspberry babies and mint babies and horse radish babies and self-sown greens, mustards, raddish and so SO Much more.

So while the garden is very much overgrown and needs a good amount of work to get itself back to its ability to be a full production garden, its also going to serve as my nursery garden and my early spring eat it as you clean it garden.

Then there is my one long and narrow garden.. it got took over by pigweed and grass.. its crazy thick mats, now the pigweed.. great.. yummy so tasty and good eating.. the grass not so much and what pain in the rear to work with.. but it will have to be cleared, leveled and it honestly needs to be double dug.. it’s been a no-till for a number of years now but its hit that point that I need to either rebuild the no till (which that grass is a issue) or I need to flip over to it being a clean it out.. and do a hand done double dug on it and then add a huge amount of extra manure on it and plant three sisters into it this year.

The third garden is in a very different state.. its only a third year garden, it was double dug two years ago, it has been well composted two years in a row and its still lacking depth to it. its so sandy and dry in many ways, it needs a lot more compost, it needs peat moss, it needs life, it nettle and comfrey and all the rabbit poo I can spare ๐Ÿ™‚

On one side I have raspberry canes that need removal, on the other side edge, I need to move out strawberries and coming up the back end I have a mix of golden rod and wild parsnip to deal with..

So the big garden, eat as it grows, transplant many babies, gift babies and trim back as needed to get it back to full production, while interplanting the annual spaces

The long narrow garden.. heavy duty work load.. needs a total clean out and dig and then heavy feeder crops..ย  The side garden, a gentle tidy up but it needs a lot of work on the soil itself..

That is the joy of having so many gardens.. each are different, each are at different stages and how they need to be treated changes based on some things in my control and many more not ๐Ÿ™‚

What garden do you have your eye on? What is your biggest need for the year? Cleaning it, changing something about it? What is the bigger needs, planting more into it, or is it your soil that you need to feed even more then normal this year for that spot?

I am dreaming of the first rhubarb starting again in about six weeks.. ah.. spring rhubarb..

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1 Response to Digging in the garden

  1. valbjerke says:

    All of my garden beds are still under three feet of snow ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Once I can actually see them, I start cleaning out the chicken barn pens, dig up the stud pile the horses have been making, the manure/hay from the cow and calf….all of it goes in the garden beds and gets topped up with black dirt. Thatโ€™s a ways off though…..hopefully by the beginning of May.

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