Snow on woolies does not melt

Winter still has us firmly in her grasp, more snow daily for the past three days and under a freezing rain warning and or more snow today as well.  Maude sheep always looks huge compared to my hair sheep girls.. part of that is breed difference and part of that is wool is fluffy vs the much sleeker hair sheep’s filled in winter coats.

I have five expecting ewe’s and my oldest ewe has clearly missed this year and I am just fine with that.. Bubbles was born the same year as Mocha Sheep so she is really very much the grandma of sheep in the flock. King continues to grow and I can’t wait for him to be a fully grown ram in 2018 of course he will not be a mature boy till 2019.

The sheep adore their time out while we are out and about on chores, they certain enjoy the barn for its comforts but like their exercise and fresh air and of course my horse dumped out hay from their feeder to the ground so the sheep were enjoying a nibble in the fresh air as well before going back to the barn and their proper feeder.. My horse’s are such messy eaters.. My mom was trying to get Bojangle’s to come in for a cuddle but he was very much focused on Dear Hubby at that moment.

Its so hard to believe that its already second week of Feb and Valentine Day is coming soon enough.  Got the new color painted in the bathroom which is in on the tail end of its redo

Well, had better get back to the farm and such.. have a great sunday!


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2 Responses to Snow on woolies does not melt

  1. D > We have snow! It doesn’t last long, but soon another shower comes along and it’s white again. Very pretty on our black Hebridean sheep: and no, it doesn’t melt on their woolly backs! Queenie sends her warm wishes to your flock!

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