Freezing Rain

O my did we get freezing Rain.. a quarter inch thick sheet of ice on the vehicle that took DH a full half hour worth of work to get it to the point that it could be taken off the farm to get to work.

I have always loved this painting  of bubbles the sheep on a foggy morning..  The same artist did my amazing Freckles Kitty but she took her from being a point to full color and its amazing how much Freckles daughter Faith looks like her momma in this painting.

Today was a bright sunny day here on the farm, the sun was warm and poured though the window’s and the solar heating was most welcome and excellent. It was mild being only about minus 5 for most of the day.. just cold enough to not melt anything out there.

It was a good day to have a quiet rest day, laundry, cooking and such was done, as was some routine care for my mom (strange that I now need to think about things like how often my mom’s nails are clipped etc) as she can’t reach them herself and used to get them done by a professional

I had a good long nap today and it was needed.. the box spring on the bed had decided to give way in part, just enough to give me a slant that was NOT to bad but just bad enough to bother my bad hip, add in a bit of a slip on ice and suddenly I was had a very sorry back-hip indeed. Thankfully hubby took a good look at it and while we could not fix the wooden slat on the box spring, we could and did build a base for it to level it out and  fix it that way.

O did I sleep.. it was wonderful to have my level bed back and I slept hard and long, Sunny cat curled up on me and purred every time I stirred and my hounds all thought it was wonderful to have a cuddle nap pile in the big bed (we have a king)so there is lots of room for everyone.

My arms got a great workout with the ice breaker this afternoon and I salted things quite a bit on the main area’s, they say that we have warmer weather coming for most of the week, including a few days of above 0.. perfect days for a very early season maple run to be honest.. hmmmm need to think about that.

Otherwise, I am having a quiet evening as well.

O wait there is one other bit of news, while I will be prepping my incubator for use with my purebred chicks for extra hatching on them, I have talked to a friend of mine about running my extra geese eggs with her hatches.  She has really large hatching equipment and can set weekly hatches and has the proper turners for geese eggs.  I figure I will see if I can put two or three weeks worth of egg laying into her nest and then let my girl lay her own nest and sit on it..

Hopefully she will hatch some herself and will take the other babies under her wing as required at a later point. I would very much like to add about a dozen or so goslings to the farm.. to keep back another goose or two and to butcher the rest of them.


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4 Responses to Freezing Rain

  1. Widdershins says:

    This winter was my first real experience of a devastating ice-rain storm … scary as you-know-what to watch the trees bend and bend and then snap like they were twigs.

  2. D > Freezing rain is a menace! J and I have to remind ourselves, repeatedly, that when you write -5 or 0 or whatever, you mean F. Not C. COLD!!

    • Mmm… Are you writing in °Fahrenheit, or Celsius, FG? (We are in Ontario, Canada here – not like our Dear Celi who, while physically close (relatively speaking; ) and only a couple of hours to the south-west, is a world away across the border in the USA – while we up here are of the ‘tween generation” in Canada, who use a weird mix of thinking in the old Imperial (still using quarts & pints for canning, buy apples by the bushel and calculate miles to the gallon for cars) but use the “new” Metric system for most everything else… (and also old enough to know that we have the Original Prime Minister Trudeau to thank for it):

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