Haskap -Slow going.. yeild for 2017

The answer on if these bushes are worth it is still out.. they are one of the first flowering and fruiting bushes in our zone 5. The first spring berry to be harvested on the farm. I had bought two small bushes a number of years ago and they did nothing.. I am guessing that the male that was to be cloned on them died.. Then they died..

I finally ordered in four different females and two males in bare root state to keep the costs down and I planted them into the fruiting hedge row and I have babied them.. they barely grow.. I would like them to be putting on a foot a year and I might get three to six inches in growth per plant.

I did modify their soil a bit more last year and I think it did make a difference.. twice they have grown pretty well and then had a lot of breakage in the winter, I am thinking I might have to snow fence them for drifting this winter and see if it make a difference for a few years to get them keeping that grow they are getting.

This year was a small harvest, but we did get a harvest, and its only year three and they said four to five years till first good quality harvest. Enough this year to make 2 8 0z jars of jam.  Which means that I have enough to use the jam in a few different ways to see how we like it..

So far we agree that its like a mix in flavour between blueberry, Saskatoon and cherry undertones..  but only two types produced this year.. so we will need to try each one on its own before deciding on the taste for sure. its certainly a bright tart but sweet and full blend of flavours I will give it that..


Do you Grow Haskap? If so, do you have a favorite kind for Zone 5? Do you have good growth on your bushes? what do you use to feed them?  What do you do with them.. Everyone that commented on my local group was using them in pancakes or loafs, I appeared to be the only one that has made jam with them.

Everyone talked about how nicely they hold up their shape in pancakes and loafs, that they don’t get wet like a blueberry would.. good to know!

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2 Responses to Haskap -Slow going.. yeild for 2017

  1. WolfSong says:

    I love haskaps.
    I’ve been babying my bushes along for the past 2 years, waiting for grand growth, pinching off flowers to avoid them putting energy into berries.
    I had two huge bushes when we were in the city…they made 6 feet in height, and 3-4 ice cream pails of fruit between them. Did that with monthly compost tea waterings.
    Theses ones here in the country, I’m making compost tea from equine manure and it’s definitely helping their growth. I can’t *wait* for tons of berries, because with my last 2lbs from the city bushes I made a gallon of mead…best. mead. ever.
    And I really want to make more of it! 😉

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