Seed Potato’s are in.

Yesterday was busy and then some and the weekend is geared up to be looking the same..

One of the things that came in yesterday was the notice that my seed potato’s were in the post office and that I needed to go pick them up.

I had ordered a few new kinds from Eagle Creek in Alberta, as I only had one kind of potato’s make the winter, we had a freeze happen lost a lot of spuds last fall after they were dug up, I was able to can up a lot and save some for the pantry but with the drought, no where near as much as normal.

We have Seglinde Potato’s from our own pantry but I also got a small amount of new ones from the order as well.. I want to see if there is any difference between the ones that came though the drought and ones that have not.. Time will tell.

I had to order in Pinks as I had not held any over and they are impossible to find in our local area.. They change the amount of pink color inside year to year, but their taste is outstanding!

I do have some of my outstanding purple spuds to plant out again this year

This years new potato is German Butterball.. this is a very long season potato and I am told that it is a outstanding potato in all ways and that it is amazing as a longer term storage potato.. we will see.. we will see..  I have one plot of early, one plot med-season and one that goes well with either early dig or leave for fall and one that is late, late, let it go as long as you can fall dig..

This year I am only growing 5 kinds of potato’s ? how about you?



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4 Responses to Seed Potato’s are in.

  1. We have yet to conquer potatoes… :-S
    We have tried so many different ways of planting them, as well as so many different varieties, and we have always only pulled out a little more than we put in, and sometimes less than we put in. So this year I decided to take a break from potatoes this year and use that space for something I know I can grow successfully. But I love looking at all your different varieties and successes!

    • I have a new early, early potato and a new way to start them that I read about and will try this year, it might just give a edge to getting some out of the ground.. we will see.. its another try it and see.. I have so many sweet potato slips this year.. its be crazy!

  2. D > Charlotte our all-round favourite potato, perfect from first fresh-dug of the year through to the last spuds out of the store the following spring. We always try three or four others, in smaller quantities. This year’s also-rans? Javelin ; Rooster ; Galway Queen ; Isle of Jura

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