Workshop Today- Permaculture at a awesome farmers market!

I was up at 6 an had everything ready for my drive to the market, the bags were packed, the seeds were ready, the give away plants were full and lovely..  I left in lots of time as I had not been there before and did not want to risk being late.. instead I was early enough to get to spend time walking around admiring the tables.

What a great Market! The venders are so friendly, the produces are excellent and the setups were very nice indeed. I enjoyed working with the staff, Both ladies were outstandingly easy to work with, they are get it done gals!

If you are local and have not been to the market, consider popping by, for a 0 mile gal like me, I have to say I was so very impressed with so many organic, health minded venders, and that ranged from herb’s, plants to the way soaps were made, fresh veggies to grass fed beef and so much more. There is also a vender that does more wild game and his products looked amazing! A pretty perk to it is that the site is open year round, would be worth the trip out from Ottawa area and or montreal area at least once, take the old highway for the pretty river route, or scoot up the 417, do the farmers market, pack it up and hit the Voyager park for day spot and take a walk afterwards.

My little set up before I started talking gardens a hour before, which lead to a much shorter then normal after garden questions, I did fill the two rows of chairs pretty much but 12 to 15 people give or take, less them my normal 40 to 50 that tend to have made other events but the folks that came where interested and active and given many came up afterward to say they enjoyed it and took my card for follow up, I will take that as a win.

As for the talk itself, while we did touch on a number of the permaculture idea’s in a few different ways, It was pulled together by taking the normal annual gardening, taking the permaculture parts to help in the regular garden.  I always feel a little bad when I say, well the books say this but despite trying it this way and that many times, I have never made that work quite the way they say.. but the good part is that I then do my best to share what will work..

I was caught up once again that I realized that I have a lot of land to play with.. but to be fair most of the folks at the event, all had five acres or more as well.. so while they may have smaller gardens they have the land as well. I was thrilled to hear that there is a active edible garden girls in that area and we for sure need to connect them up with the Ottawa edible girls and share info, idea’s and so forth.

They did take photos of me during the talk itself, with my hand’s flying around as always.. but I have not gotten them yet, I Will add to the post when they do come to me..  It was a good time and when I came home, hubby was working in the food forest and meet me with a smile..  That’s the kind of homecoming this farmgal loves!

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2 Responses to Workshop Today- Permaculture at a awesome farmers market!

  1. Widdershins says:

    I think people want to hear what actually works as well as ‘book learning’. It adds an extra depth to the information. 🙂

    • I had one lady wait and come up to me to say, I have been to a different permaculture talk and I didn’t like it, but I loved yours! She made the same point that she loved that I talked about this or that percents or this working on a average year but not on a wet or a dry year

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