Comfrey- Livestock Feed

This was taken at the end of April of the comfrey coming up, there are a number of smaller plants that will be dug up and moved into rows for production but my bigger older plants like the one above will be harvested three to four times though the season

Some will be allowed in turn to bloom for the bees and then cut back as others come on-line to help draw and feed them, some will be used for compost to feed the garden and some will be used in salve making for our own use but right now in spring because of the way the things are going, its main use will be for milking moms and weaned lambs

The chickens get 3 oz per bird per day, the piglet get a pound per day, the weaned lambs get half a pound per head working up to a pound per day, the milking rabbit does get a leaf a day and the milking sheep a goat can get up to two pounds per day.

My rates are far under what is used in other livestock programs due to the fact that I am still increasing my growing program on this while watching health and livers in my animals.

Please note that in Canada,  human internal use of comfrey is not allowed legally and that you can not buy salves, lotions and so forth with comfrey for external use, you can still own and grow comfrey for permaculture uses, garden uses and if you choose for your own personal use livestock fodder.  As you will figure out quickly, you can no longer find Comfrey for sale in Canada in the herb or garden centers..

However it is found often at local free plant events, church plant sales and local plant swaps most often as a bee plant.

Do your own research on this outstanding plant, look to the many! animal feed studies down on it in Europe an if nothing else grow it for the garden an the compost pile as well as for the bees 🙂

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17 Responses to Comfrey- Livestock Feed

  1. We love to have comfrey in our garden. Very disappointed to see it being illegal to sell in regular nurseries. We found some through private sales and recommend it to everyone hehe

    • Hi Laura, I have never been able to find Russian Blocking 14, I just have the common type.. someday perhaps, which means that I always have to tell folks, once its planted, its there for life LOL and that it will spread.. but yes, I am like you.. the pro’s of this plant FAR out way the negs. and for gardens and anyone into composting, it is just awesome

  2. J & D > Amazingly useful! We don’t have enough area planted yet. Priority at present is for propagation and making liquid feed for the tomatoes in the greenhouses.

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