Fresh Nettle Pasta – Made with Duck Eggs

2 cups flour, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 cup of dried Crumbled Nettle, 1 and half tbsp water, 3 duck eggs, kneed it all together and then let it rest at least 30 min with a damp tea towel over it, Split it into four balls, covering the one’s not in use and flour and roll out each one to your desired thickness.

If you want proper pasta thinness, roll it thin or use the pasta machine, I have one and I can make it nice and thin but I promised hubby that I would do the thicker hand rolled kind.. For this roller if you roll the dough till its thin enough that it will cut it to the bottom, you will have pretty standard type noodles

I used half the pasta dough for noodles and half to make Butternut Squash Ravioli.. The Noodles is going in a Alfredo sauce and the Butternut Nettle Ravioli will be done in a browned butter with Green onions.



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7 Responses to Fresh Nettle Pasta – Made with Duck Eggs

  1. Lol, no matter how many times I read about this, it STILL makes me hungry; )

  2. D > Crumbled nettles? Would that be nettles picked last year and dried, like mint or lemon verbena or other leafy herbs?

    • Those were freshly picked this spring (in fact the day before and dried nettles so that they added the green and such fresh taste to the pasta without adding the wet from the nettle leaves which would effect the pasta dry-wet portions.

      But yes, I do dry nettles and a lot of them as a herb both as a eating and drinking as a tea

    • I also dry larger amount by air and then crumble into a bag for use to support the milking dairy animals in their darker winter feed. I find even a week’s worth of a few oz of nettles will help increase a mom’s milk flow when mainly on hay.

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