Happy Easter 2017

Wishing all my readers a very happy Easter 2017, I wish you many blessing to come though the year and hope that this weekend, you have done whatever makes your world a happier place be it quiet time, working time, garden time, family time or watching the wee ones hunt for eggs or not.


My wish for you is this, may you be healthy, may you have loved ones, may you have food on your table, a roof over your head and warm bed..

These are just a few of our new Easter Chicks that hatched overnight and were waiting for us this morning.

The humidity started to drop this morning ( I think because I appear to have done lock down perhaps one day early, so in a tag team this morning.. we worked as fast as possible to move the chicks out, topped up the water and put it back into lockdown. The Humidity came right back up, the temps just barely moved and within an hour, we had a lot of new first tooth egg cracking starting.  At the moment, we have another seven starting..

Normally I would say NEVER open it doing that 24 hour window.. but as they say.. there is Never do this and then there is.. use your common sense and fix a coming problem before it gets bigger..

So far the chicks hatched look great.. strong, good feet, and bright eyed and eating and drinking and using their heat lamp well. This was our first chick just hatched all wet and tired from coming out of its egg.. its so amazing to watch them unzip the egg and push their way out of it.

This wet little one is the big fluffy darker one that is standing in the food dish in the first photo above.. Its a wet one here on the farm today, so we are puttering in the house and other then outside chores, its a inside day.

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4 Responses to Happy Easter 2017

  1. Happy Easter to you too! Perfect day for new baby chicks…congratulations.

  2. Widdershins says:

    Hey there, little chicklets. 😀

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