Day one of the Wind Block-Greenhouse build-homestead projects 2017-Jan

Had my heart sister come over today and with me playing the part of helper, gopher and her in lead, we went to work on a project.. its a mixed player..


This is what we got done for today.. two walls and the main roof tress. We are planning a rebuild and so it did not make sense to do a full porch but I am so tired of the drop in temp when the door opens onto the porch.


So this is a winter break, enclosed and its designed to be unscrewed from the house at the time of the rebuild and moved to the side of the little barn as a greenhouse, this is just the start and I will update the rest of the build in one or two more and show how its been finished.

Even this year, we will be putting a full top to bottom shelving unit to use the big wall as increased growing space for plant starting, and on really warm sunny days, I will even be able to open the door to use it to passive solar heat the house a touch.20170126_153120


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4 Responses to Day one of the Wind Block-Greenhouse build-homestead projects 2017-Jan

  1. A Small Country Living says:

    [J] I’m intrigued to see how this develops! We have similar things here, in fact it’s inconceivable for a house to be built without something like this, or the door very artfully placed in a position that is – by some miracle – sheltered regardless of wind direction. Not for nothing are they called here ‘storm porches’.

    • very interesting, storm Porches.. I like that.. I wish it was uncommon in my area but its not.. all three doors at the farm into the house where all open to the outside with just stairs in one case, cement steps and small deck (the one we are working on) and with a wooden deck on that last one. This door is the one that leads to both the farm yard, the garden and the lane to park.. it gets 90 plus percent of all in and out.

  2. Bill says:

    Awesome. I’m envious. So many projects that need doing around here….

    • Hi Bill.. Well, I have only been saying that we need something like this for a number of years but the truth is, I don’t have the proper skill set on this one, and while my girlfriend is awesome on this, she has her own farm and normally a full time job, but at the moment she is got a bit more time on her hands, I am hoping to give her a few side jobs this year and get something done and learn while it happens.. the good thing is she is willing to answer my questions, open to me say, I see this.. how are we going to do this?

      She has worked in construction for many year and her and her hubby built their house from the ground up, and she know me, so when I said.. can we make it so it can come off and be moved and re-set up as a long term greenhouse, she figured it all out of me and made it happen..

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