Presents .. Prespective..


The door to the truck was open, to this wonderful hound, this was a huge present..  sitting in the seat, waiting to see where we were going..  ( I had to drive him to the running road and back.. cuz.. can we say sweet!)

For my momma, I have sent her 25 cards with a lovely handwritten note inside with photos from the past year..  Each day we talk on the phone as she opens them and read them aloud together.. this to me is a gift that gives back.. I like the feeling of being closer to my mom.

I did wrap up the gifts that are flying out with hubby on his trip..


There is a wee stocking gift, and then a funny little gift and then the one bigger gift.. all color coded per person 🙂

and then there are gifts that come in each day..


I am up to four or five fresh eggs a day at the moment, and its increasing by the week, which is great as I have nine hens, the 5 young hens are just starting to lay and they will go all winter long.

I hope that in this season, that you will all remember that there are little gifts all around and most of them do not come from a store 🙂




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2 Responses to Presents .. Prespective..

  1. Karen says:

    Your ending statement reminded me of this quote attributed to Alice Morse Earle (and Bil Keane).

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift (of God), which is why we call it the present.

    Thank you for reminding me to watch for the “little” gifts each day.

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