Long Weekend Reflections

Well, I keep looking at my note-book, I need to transfer all the data on the last two weeks from the challenge, do all the math to prove out what I already know, if we had to buy what we eat at the quality the farm gives us, we would need to be far more wealthy or we would never be able to do so

We had a stay at home long weekend, its was productive in some ways, its was slow in others and it was quiet. We both needed it, that pull back.. to reflect on so many things that have been going on


HD’s mom goes in for her heart surgery today, i am very much hoping for good news to come in later today..

The Biggest outdoor criiter pen got worked on, hours an hours later we have a new huge compost pile near the gardens filled with a mix of fowl, goat an cow with bedding, and we are down to only two of the smaller ones to do before winter hits. The good news is that they say we will have low double in regards to temps, with a high of 12 but still with the winds


Its that time of the year, that i start sprouting.. love it..been eating a tray myself per day just as fresh greens.. so good, i have just been run down, so been eating freh greens daily, plus making sure i am working harder to get the blood going, and at the same time, sleeping more.. its working.. feeling better each day.. i had a bout of not sleeping much, i don’t do well when i do not get sleep, the work must be done and with less sleep, it wears me out..


The ducklings are doing well, we had a silly momma duck decide that they all needed to come out and get wet and cold, sadly we lost three of them, one to a farm cat, two to the cold, so that was that.. we took over their care and they are now in a nice area with in floor heating and growing like weeds, we have black an white, chocolate and white and two blue and white.. they will be a very colorful crew as they feather out.. hoping for some hens!!


I will do a full chicken post but the new hens are getting to egg laying age, the older are finishing moult and i am so excited to start getting more eggs


Caleb had saturday off other then some grooming, but he was ground worked an rode on sunday, he was a very good boy, both on an off farm. We tried a new bridle an bit for him on this ride. It was my first ride in a good while, it had its challenges but they were all mine to work though. My big boy was gold for me



I like that Caleb photobombed the shadow photo, and my poor pasture, it will need to be full redone for next spring, the drought did a number beyond natural repair with a good amount of help to be given


Last but not least Meeoww-Meeow is settling in well, she is a sweetheart.. she was a house cat, she was clearly raised with kids, dogs and other cats.. I am willing to just say, she had to be a drop off.. no way is this little litter boxed trained kitten come from a barn.. She know what the pop of a can means..


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2 Responses to Long Weekend Reflections

  1. Bill says:

    We’re in a drought too. It’s been well over a month since we had any rain and our pastures are suffering. Oh well. Looks like we’re going to need more hay than I’d figured on.

    I’ll be interested to know what the final results of your analysis are.

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