Nov 11th Ride

It was cold and the wind was mighty and my cough was large but I really felt that caleb needed some one on one time an not sure grooming today but something to engage him both mind and body.


I did the grooming, groundwork and tacking, hubby did the riding and we did a number of fun cowboy games type games..


He was so good,  just love my big guy..



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4 Responses to Nov 11th Ride

  1. Marie says:

    Does it sound weird if I say that if Caleb was a dog he’d would be a NewFoundland? Big and sturdy and loveable. 🙂

    • He is to fast on his feet to be a newf in my mind, I think more like a lab.. happy, sweet, steady but when he gets going.. he can be fast, focused and very very strong.. somewhere in there, he has a bit of a cutting horse in that mix.. I have seen him and been on him when he just suddenly goes from 0 to boof we are now over here.. Thank goodness for muscle memory and one kicking deep barrel saddle 🙂

  2. They make a handsome pair, your guys: )

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