Caleb and Brandy are looking Mighty Fine!


Fall is arriving on the farm, just the misty mornings, the cool hints, the slight turning of the leaves and the plant putting their pushes on their fruit, seeds and so forth..

The horses struck a pose for me yesterday while I was working in the pastures, they were a bit far away, which is why cropped its not the biggest picture.. but as you can see they are in fine form heading into fall..  Soon enough with the cooler nights, those sleek and shiny coats will give way to a thick fluffy winter coat. I am looking forward to doing some awesome photo taking on the right day when the corn has turned a golden color.



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5 Responses to Caleb and Brandy are looking Mighty Fine!

  1. Lake Lili says:

    Caleb & Brandy are looking wonderful! Will you mother be bringing home the horse you took out to her?

    • Hi Lake Lili,

      No, Sam went to my dad’s farm but was to be boarded in winter as dad works away, after ken passed things changed and so Sam went to live up in northern alberta at a ranch who’s owners are very good friends with my older brother, so Sam official is a family horse, but legally he is my Big Brothers and he rides him when he goes up, otherwise, he is used at the ranch as well.. my one neice rides him a lot!

      At some point in the near future as much as it hurts to think about it, I will need to put Brandy down due to her health issue (she has a issue with both front feet that is just slowly degrading with time and requires medication at this time) when that time comes be it this year or next or the next etc.. (to many factors at play there) I will take my time looking for a nice smaller but very stocky gelding to bring in at that point that is broke to ride and drive.

  2. Gorgeous pair! Love the pic (and the green corn backdrop; )

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