Sept Harvest Challenge- Crab Apples

So I did not get this post up last night, the day just ran away with me.. I was busy in the morning with chores and yard stuff, I slipped off the farm and had a amazing girls visit with a friend.. it was awesome but the time just flew by!

And when I got home, I came home into a bit of a Need help Now on the farm.. that just got finished in time for us to be about ten min late for our evening of Gaming.. Once a week, we let our inner Geeks out and we live roll play over skype and by the time that closed down. I was like BED! Sleep as the alarm would be going off in just over 5 hours.


So yesterday’s harvest was crab apples for crab apple jelly..  These apples were good size for this year but they are certainly farm apples and not perfect ones like the store 🙂

The livestock are very happy to be the clean up crew on the rest of the apples

I made the most basic crabapple jelly, I just followed the one on the certo box for one batch but the second batch is a more interesting mix and one that will get its own post.

Its apple season folks.. Are you going to put up crab apples, did you have a good year with apples, my main apple tree’s did produce ok, small, tart but yummy but my wild forage will be even better!

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