Sept Harvest Challenge 2016 – Ash

Ok, so its been a busy day and I have done more then Ash..


I processed and froze up a bushel of red peppers.. amazing price but not farm harvest, local Ontario grown though..

P1080311They got bagged up, laid flat and frozen, one done, they will put into a extra large and double covered, that is 8 cups of diced pepper per month for the next year


We also got a case of lids an rings at 50% off.. score yes, have to do with harvest yup, but still not from farm, had no carrots that grew this year so picked up 50 pounds to can up

So that leaves what else I spent close to five hours doing with hubby, cutting down thistle, second year burdock plants to burn them, I also spent the time picking up dead branches. This work allowed us to remove all the Canada thristle at the full flower stage in 98 percent of them with very few having gotten to the fluff stage.

We have learned if we cut them to early, they will push a second low to the ground bloom out, but this late, they have put it all into the growth and flowers, this allows us to keep our pastures clear, not worry about composting hot enough to kill seeds, cleans up the tree area a bit and gives me outstanding ash for the garden

So today the home grown, home harvested plants an items are tree branches and thistle and burdock, the end product, clean ash to use in the gardens of 2017

ps, I only filmed this once and so I am sorry that you got the sing song voice at the end, it is what it is today folks..



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19 Responses to Sept Harvest Challenge 2016 – Ash

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the great idea about freezing peppers. I had no idea… I wish I had thought of it sooner! Off to the store next week to get myself a box of peppers 🙂

    • I do find they need to be double bagged if you want them to last after the first freeze, you can just give th bag a whack to break them up frozen an take what you need at a time and they will thaw soft, so great for anything cooked, from omlet to soup, stews and so forth but not good in a salad as a crisp type pepper.

  2. Julie says:

    Oh good reminder to freeze peppers! They would be good in smoothies this winter.
    Where did you find the sale on the lids! That’s a great deal! I find them so expensive!

    • oh, they would be good in smoothies an they were a half bushel of 7 dollars at food basics, amazing buy! Got the sale at our local tiny town home hardware and yes they are crazy costly this year

      • Oh, speaking of the Home Hardware, did you see any of those tulip bulbs they’re supposedly carrying? Is there a vid attached to this post? I don’t see it here on the WordPress mobile app. Will go to the browser and have a peek…

      • Hey Deb, Yes, I have two boxes of 25 on hold for me, one box or part of a box is for a girlfriend of mine, she asked if I could get her some and one box is for our farm, Going to put together a small new front garden in honor of Canada’s 150 year birthday!

        They said they should arrive this coming week or the week after, so do keep a eye out for them if you want some 🙂

        yes, there is a video on it, but its also on my personal facebook page if that is easier for you.. we were cleaning up the pasture the old fashioned way yesterday and were running a cleaning burn active for about five hours and a slow ashed out for a hours more.. the ash will be collected an used in the gardens this fall

      • Hmm, well the vid works here… Strange hey?
        So how do you store your ash for next year’s gardens?

      • I will put it into the gardens when I prep the beds this fall so it will be used in the next few weeks but when I do store ash from winter, I just use a box or bucket

  3. Stupid app! It’s still not showing up here): Bet the skitters weren’t hanging around while you’re burning burning that pile of greens; )

  4. Have you ever done a post on uses and applications for ash? (LOL, No rest for the wicked, hey?; )

  5. Hey, that’d be a great use for all the Dog-Strangling Vine that’s getting so rampant around here… Thanks for this!!

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