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Whistle (the tom) and kettle (the hen) did a good job having a turkey clutch but the coon that broke in had other plans and so they got moved to a new location an wee steam lol is the very special babe.. if tom, I plan Christmas dinner, if a hen.. a keep back with a leg band so I can tell her an kettle apart..


This years chicks and my wow did I really pay that usa imports are doing great growing well I have settled it down to five hens and three roosters..


This is currently my favorite hen.. the boys are still in teen colors yet, so looking forward to seeing them in the stunning adult coloring for next year


Happy Birthday to my awesome mom! Here is a photo of her present.. just love it! and speaking of presents, hubby came home with a surprise for me.. glades and my favorite color! So unexpected, so lovely and I got the filler out of my garden

P1080283its still hot during the day but the nights are cooling off


that metal pitcher has turned out to be a great flower vase this summer..


While I have gotten a few of Patrick lately, his littermate faith is less in my face and so she seems to have her photo taken less but she is growing well and is just as pretty as always, adore my split face girls


Brandy and Caleb are loving the fall treats, apples mainly but I also got bags of really good local carrots for cheap and they do adore their carrot..  we were playing “smile” for treats and I somehow took this photo.. it makes me smile..

Well, I had better get back to the morning, its a foggy one out there, I did the first push and then got quiet to let hubby have a sleep in this fine long weekend

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