An the Camera came with..


Well my local garden elderberries are starting to be ready, so normally that means that my wild forage patches are ready to help fill a 5 gallon bucket or two  for processing, so we headed out to get it done..

Nope, not only was the yield down due to the drought, which I expected, the bird has all got there first, for every clump, there might have been 5 or 6 left max. we did pick one of the forage apple tree’s and there was a nice batch of blackberries that were ready for picking, so our trip out was very worth it but I will be sad to see that I will only have enough elderberries this year from the farm cat protected bushes, even our bushes in the food forest have been bird raided and are almost nothing..


the Litchi tomato’s are riping at a nice rate but still the tops are in bloom and growing well.. a very interesting little fruit.. I do not really taste tomato nor do I think of them as a fruit.. really seedy..  will do a post on what I decide to do with them.. so far I have had fresh eating and tried them dried.. I think I will deseed them and try them in a jam next.


Bullwinkle has been moved from the baby pen in the front farm yard to the joining the horse herd for the day in the pastures and at the hay feeder, he gets put up at night into his own pen in the barn where he gets his extra rations and I know he is safely tucked up, chewing his cud, then let back out for the day, I hope to continue this training till its cold, its important for him to learn the routine.

He ripped out his tag from his ear, and did a right muck job of it, that poor ear is split sideways, I have been treating it and its healing up nicely but I was so sad to see it.. at least I found the tag, which I will need for processing time but its not going back into his other ear until its needed.


The twin bucklings (that are weathers, as they were both altered) are growing well, they are very dairy, they are surely not big nice meaty type, but they are so easy to get along with, friendly as can be.. gentle and sweet..  the big boy in the front of this photo is sold and will be heading to his new family soon enough, the just slightly smaller boy in the back will stay with us for another couple months before he will be butchered, I will be sad to see him go, but I am looking forward to having a small amount of goat meat in the house and I have plans for his hide as well.. I have to remind myself of it.. in truth to start to settle my mind that way as they grow bigger.


Jack my young buck is looking awesome, he is a smaller buck, I picked that, for a few reasons but he is a stout gent, he is gentle and friendly but with respect, he is smart and willing but has trained to his routine very well, I like that I can touch him without him having stress, and he likes to be around us but he is good about keeping that little bit of space, Ideally I will be able to keep that for many years to come.  I also think he will help create some very pretty babies with Juno.

Man, I am not believe we needed to crack out the round hay bale feeder but it was time, its one thing to haul the hay daily for the sheep flock but with the pasture done, to hand do each load for everyone was just a bit over the top, so we rolled out 900 pounds of hay and we are letting the horses, goats, and Bullwinkle self feed, both in the pastures and here..

As we have had three, count them THREE rains in two weeks, my pasture and yard is green again.. but other then for a few hours two or three times a week, I am keeping the sheep off the pasture. I need the time to let them out to give their area a cleanout, I am raking up the extra’s and removing the poo for composting.

So far, we have lowered the sheep flock numbers in 2016 by three adults, and five lambs to date.. more to do but as I am doing the butcher work myself,  while keeping up with the gardens and farm, I have only time to do one at a time and then process it.


I forgot to get a photo for you, will at a later point, my wonderful turkey hen sat faithfully, and hatched me wee baby turkeys, sadly we lost al but two to the coon.. so they have been moved to a new pen and hopefully its secure enough to do its job. but despite the loss, the breeding pair did their jobs.

Well, I had better get back to it.. Everyone have a grand day..



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