Crash, and its gone

A unnamed purrpot or pots, I was downstairs , they were up, decided that the table cloth was a grand toy. sadly my laptop was on the table an it did not take the chance to learn to fly well and gravity did the rest..

So my fairly new thankfully cheaper laptop got replaced with another back to school special, its bigger, heavier and they say more ruggedly made, we will see.. but it was very reasonable an then some.

After getting some extra shopping done, having company an such, I have been hiding from the crazy afternoon heat and spending three hours or so, getting it all set up and that includes getting the blog up and logged in for posting. So this is my test post 🙂

Love this photo despite the eye goop, he had been playing in the hay, keeping it real on the farm, he caught his first mouse. They took away my way to post in the format I am used to, so it will interesting to learn the new one or figure out how to get the old settings back.. here goes!



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2 Responses to Crash, and its gone

  1. judy says:

    Now that’s a sweet face!
    Also had laptop trouble but worked out with new email address….good luck with yours!

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