I was worried about the elderflowers, they were slow this year and the blooms are quite a bit smaller then normal on this bad drought year but I am not one to just sit ideal, I did a little further then normal foraging and found a few swampish area’s that they are still holding well in, found out who owned the land and checked to see if I had forage rights on it and yup!

This is just one days worth of pick of the flowers and that is a full roasting pan that can hold an roast up to a twenty pound turkey and its full!


Many jars of died Elderflowers are done, I have canned up jars of elderflower syrup and I am waiting for the gooseberries to come ready so I can make a gooseberry-elderflower jelly this year as we know that the flavour combo is outstanding per the pie!

Do not forget to try this amazing Elderflower and lemon icecream recipe!

I have a few different jars worth of things bubbling away into a fine drink someday, this one in the photo above is a half-gallon of elderflower-honey mead..


Full post and recipe found at the link above, I just cut it into half as I want to try it first and because I have lots of dried to make more as I want to do so..

I like to use my eldeflowers in so many ways, cooking, tea, syrups and as a flavouring.. but also in my soaps

Hope that these idea’s will give you the nudge to go collect some of these flowers for yourself!

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5 Responses to ElderFlowers

  1. judy says:

    Love your postings with all your different projects!
    Never have done anything with elderflowers before & know nothing about them but sounds like I’m missing out.
    Are you getting the flowers from red elderberry brushes? In the fall these brushes have small red berries on them? I’m asuming that the flowers are sweet smelling???
    Are your drinks like a cordial or lemonade type drink?

    Will try the making mead! Haivng no elderflowers available could you suggest some else to mix into the mead mixture?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Judy, Great questions, I do not recommend doing anything with red elderberries, I only harvest from the ones that have dark purple fruit on them, the fruit still needs to be cooked or dried to be safely eaten and the whole plant is just overall safer.. I have read in many books to avoid the red kind, I will double check with a friend on if the flower can be used or not.. the flowers have a floral scent yes, it will be like a cordial, with a lowish achohol count.

      As for my idea of what to use instaed in the mead, that is easy.. mint, a lovely mix of regular mint and spearmint, in the same honey mead recipe.. its fab-o and its a coming blog post on it..

  2. I love elderflower juice!! My dad makes it every year – I really need to get on that waggon and learn it for myself too 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipes

  3. judy says:

    Thanks! Have tons of different kinds of mint so that really helps!

  4. Just went and looked at mine, and they looked wonderful, at first… Not opening, aborting tiny white balls ):):

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